HP Scanjet 5200C Not Recognised by Dell Dimension after working for months

Similar to other posts, my HP Scanjet 5200C is no longer functioning following months of faithful service.  My situation, may be a little stranger.  In an effort to install Linux, I had to disable PnP on my computer so that my SMC EtherEZ would be usable in Linux.  I have reconfigured this card and re-enabled PnP, yet I still cannot get my computer to see my HP scanner.  I am running a Dell Dimension XPS T500 with a PIII 500 mhz and 256 MB RAM.  I have gone through most all of the recommendations posted here and none of them can get my computer to see the scanner.  Please Help!!
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if your are running linux the 5200c is not supported in linux so no one here will be able to help you because you are using outside of what platform it was intended and engineered to be used on.
RobLevinsonAuthor Commented:
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RobLevinsonAuthor Commented:
I am not running the HP on Linux.  Linux is set-up on a 2nd hard drive and I am using LILO dual boot so that there is no interference with Windows.  So, to be sure, I am trying to get my scanner working again in Windows and I never tried to so much as access the scanner when in Linux.  I used the SMC EtherEZ set-up utility to reset that card under PnP and still nothing.  As far as I can tell, there are no IRQ conflicts and my USB port is functioning properly.  Power is being supplied to the scanner from the wall.  I have uninstalled and re-installed several times and nothing appears to be working.  I used the USB detection utility from www.usb.org and it said that my USB port was up and running and ready for action.  I have simply no idea what could be wrong.  Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Again, I am working on Win98, not Linux, and am nearing my wits end.  Please help!
okay try these items including the uninstall and reinstall as outlined below because it is different then just installing and uninstalling

1. If you have the scanner connected to a hub remove it plug it direct

2. Unbinstall the scanner and all of the scanner software then reboot once in windows (if you have norton anti virus turn off auto protect and then reboot) next hit ctrl,alt,delete and end task everything except for explorer and systray then reinstall the scanner

if this does not resolve it follow info. below

Go into yoru BIOS make sure of the following

You have your USB port active and it is not disabled

Change the Parallel port mode to ECP

Turn off powersaver mode

if that does not work then try the following

hit ctrl,alt,delete and see if a file named STIMON is running if it is not follow the info,. below

From the Windows 98 Desktop click Start and then Run.
Type msconfig in the dialogue box and press enter.
Select the Startup tab and make sure there is a check mark in the box next to StillImageMonitor. If StillImageMonitor is not here skip step 5.
Exit the System Configuration Utility screen.
Restart the PC.
If StillImageMonitor is not present in the Startup tab, follow these steps:

Right-click the My Computer icon, select properties, then Device Manager.
Look for the Scanners and Cameras entry and click the plus (+) sign.
Highlight the HP ScanJet 3300C entry and click Remove saying yes to the removal warning.
Insert the HP Scanning Software CD in the CD-ROM drive then click Refresh.
Windows will install the necessary software.
Reboot the PC.      

try the below fixes alos if the above did not work

ISSUE: The HP ScanJet scanner quits working after it has functioned previously, it reports "Sorry, scanner not found" or "Scanner could not be initialized". The scanner may also appear as an Unknown Device under the USB or Other Devices category in Windows Device Manager.

SOLUTION: Update the scanner's INF file and rename Unknown.inf. Use the following instructions to complete this procedure:

Select Start, Settings, and Control Panel.
Double-click the System icon and select the Device Manager tab.
Highlight the entry for the scanner, or the Unknown Device, and select Remove.
Choose OK to remove the device.
Disconnect the scanner from the PC and unplug it.
Close the Device Manager and the Control Panel.
Select Start, Programs, and Windows Explorer.
Select the Windows directory; then, select the INF subdirectory.


NOTE: If the INF subdirectory does not appear, go to the Taskbar and click "View". From the drop-down window select "Folder Options" and then "View" (in Windows 95 select "Options" and then "View"). Make sure that "Show all files" is selected and that "Hide file extensions for know file types" is not selected.


Find and select the file Unknown.inf; select File and Rename from the menu.
Rename the file "Unknown.old" and press, ENTER.
Follow these steps for your version of Windows:
Windows 95--Find the file Scanjet.inf and verify that it is 5 KB in size.
Windows 98--Find the file Hpscan.inf and verify that it is 10 KB in size for the HP ScanJet 6200 and 6250C scanner, 9 KB for the HP ScanJet 4100C scanner, and 36 KB in size for the HP ScanJet 5200C scanner. The HP ScanJet 4200C scanner has its own *.inf file; hp4200c.inf, and should be 10 KB in size.
If the file from step 11 is not the correct size (does not match the size listed for your version of Windows), delete the file and reinstall the HP Scanning Software from the CD. Then, go to step 16.


NOTE: Windows 98 users: check to see if your system contains the following directory: C:\Windows\Inf\Other. If this file exists and contains the file Scanjet.inf, delete Scanjet.inf and then proceed.


If the file from step 11 is the correct size, double-click the file to open it in Notepad.
Press the SPACEBAR and then the BACKSPACE button on the keyboard.
Close Notepad; be sure to select Yes to save the changes to the file.
Download the file SJ435EN.EXE from the HP Web site. Click here to go to the HP ScanJet Support Web site for the HP ScanJet 6200C scanner (the patch works for all HP USB Scanners), then click Drivers and Support.
Select the button near the bottom of the page titled Download Now.
You will be prompted to save the downloaded file on your local PC. Specify a location, then select Save.
Once the file has finished downloading, open the folder it is saved in, and select SJ435EN.EXE, then select Unzip. The file will be unzipped in the directory: c:\sj435usb.
Open the directory c:\sj435usb and select the file Setup.exe.
Restart the computer. After the PC is back up, plug the scanner back in and "New Hardware Detected" should appear. After reloading the drivers the HP ScanJet scanner should work normally.


NOTE: It may be necessary to select Setup.exe twice in order to complete the installation. This applies to all HP ScanJet scanners that use a USB interface. The HP ScanJet 4100C, 4200C, 5200C, 6200C, and 6300C families of scanners are included in this category

finally try this

ISSUE: When using HP PrecisionScan, an IPEISTOR.DLL error occurs near the end of the scanning process.

SOLUTION: Add /db switch to HP EPST SCSI to Parallel Adapter Settings line.

1. From the Windows desktop, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, and System.

2. Select Device Manager tab, and then SCSI Controllers.

3. Select HP EPST Parallel SCSI Adapter and select Properties.

4. Select the Settings tab. In the Adapter Settings line type "/db" without the quotation marks.

5. Select OK, then close Device Manager, and reboot the computer.

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