Video settings problem

When I boot up my machine, it comes up with the lowest resolution possible.  I can't change to resolution in the Display settings unitil I do a shut-down/restart.  At this point, I change my setting to 1024 x 768, and everything is great, until I shut it down again.  If the machine is off for more than a few minutes, it will boot up with the low resolution setting again.  Is this a video card problem, a BIOS problem, battery, or windows problem?  How do I fix it?
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publicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The shared memory with SIS chipset is a troublesome design. You may need a newer driver. Better yet, get a real video card. The 8M versions cost around $25.
Try going to device manager (right click on my computer and click properites, device manager) scroll down to display adaptors and delete all devices in that listing, restart the computer.
jasbroAuthor Commented:
Done that several times, doesn't change anything...
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Mostlikely, video driver is not right or corrupted.
Try to remove your video driver and reinstall again. Make sure get right driver.
look luck.
go into safe mode and check device manager
In safe mode it will show if you have duplicate entries for your video card.
if so delete them all and reboot into normal and reinstall your driver.

You can also go into regedit
If your card is PCI it will be listed in the PCI folder.
Find it and delete it and reboot
Download the newest driver available, and the previous version also. Check that your directX is Version 7, if not , get the upgrade. Get all the W98 servicew packs and patches. What card is it ?
if nothing else works, and this shouldnt' affect it, I use
thorough file scan as there might be a conflict in a program's
demand for a diff pixel requirement.
jasbroAuthor Commented:
If it shouldn't affect it, why propose it as an answer?  I am trying solutions as they are proposed, but so far no good.  

I have downloaded and reinstalled the latest driver, editted the registry, offerred it a beer, and yelled at it, nothing changes.  If it's down for more than a few minutes, it reverts to the default driver and size.
OK, it is possible that there is a software and or hardware problem. It should not be related to the BIOS, since the card is recignized properly. In the device listing, does it show how much memory is on the card. It could be that all the RAM is not being recognized at startup, so it is reverting to a lower resolution. In addition, please give more infrmationon the VGA card. Brand, model, RAM etc. Do you have anyway to borrow a spare VGA card from someone else, to run a comparison ?
jasbroAuthor Commented:
It's a PC100(that's the brand, not just memory type)  599LMR board with onboard video, it shares 8M from the 64M I installed.  I am going to buy a new video card, since I don't like the whole sharing memory thing.  I'll let you know what happens if the new card (and driver with it) changes anything.
jasbroAuthor Commented:
I was incorrect about the brand name, it's PC Chips, the manual says PC100 though...
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