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SwOoPe asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
How can I make an aplication that can find out a persons ICQ number (UIN) by knowing his IP adress, and the other way around?
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what has icq uin number got to do with ip adress?
most peoples ip address is different every time they start a internet connection as its assigned by the isp,but a icq number is always the same as it is set when you install icq.

inthe is rith, it would be like trying to match ip's to hotmail addresses, unless you have access to those server logs, there simply isn't any reliable corelation.



No it is Possible I have seen it.

I just donĀ“t know how it's done. And I know that almost every one have a diferent IP every time the connect to the net.

I think it's done with the ICQ API but im not sure.

I saw it from UIN to IP but it must be posible the other way around to?

If any one can show me how it's done I'll increse the points.


I don't know how ICQ works but I think you want to implement the function that ICQ find and Add special user. right?

I saw on net the ICQ-API file. If you want, I'll can to send one by mail.

Best regards,


To DValery.

Please do. You can send it to swoope81@hotmail.com

Best Regards

mmm..looked at api and see no mention of ip address..can someone tell me what im missing ?where is this info in these files?

Sorry, inthe I can't to load the file by URL.
Therefore-that netdrive.com requires entry through registration :o(
If you want to load this file, you may go to home page www.netdrive.com 
Then input User ID: DValery
then press "Go To Public Files" and Open Directory "Misc" it's all ;o)


I have some info files about ICQ protocol

hi dvalery ,
i already have icq api files (got them from www.icq.com several months ago :o)

what i meant in last comment was i dont see in the icq api files anything to translate a ip address to a uin number.
just thought i was missing something obvious.
a straight translation would be impossible (because of the isp assigning ip address thing)
i mean last connection i had might have been and some time in the future someone else will no doubt get that number but we both have very different uin .
therefore i am confused as to how the api can help ,see what i mean..

hope that made sense ;-)
Regards Barry

Hi inthe,
I have understood and I'll to search for this topic in my archive.
I did download from inet the file like "crack ICQ".
May be this file will help you? But this will occupy certain time :o(

mmm..i understand how it can be done now.athough its not a conversion as such its a lookup thing and reading the uin from a mesage icq send to ports.
a program wanting to convert ip to uin can do so by:

<quote> " scan an IP looking for an open TCP port. When it finds one, it tries to read the DND/away message of the user from the port and tries to find a UIN in the reply it received. This way, it should discard all non-ICQ reply. "

more to read here:

Hy to all !
I test the ip2uin but don't work for me ( search my own IP ) .
Maybe because I hide my IP . If this is the reason I don't think that U can find to soon an UIN . Many users hide IPs .
Now I test a friend IP . Hide , too .


if you want to know a user's ip (from icq) just send him/her a message
or do some action that requires direct connection to the user ( like clicking on the button to retrieve his phone number in the INFO page )
then go to msdos and type netstat -n and that shows you all active connections, one of those is the one you sent the message to. if you just connected and didn't load any web page or sent any message to another, you'll just see 1 ip (after sending him the msg) and that will be the IP.

don't know if this is of any help.. just to let you know.
I have a demo that works like netstat, giving you all active connections.


To bryan7

Does your demo work for both TCP and UDP

Mail it to me swoope81@hotmail.com and I will give u the points

This one is on us!
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Thanks Bryan!

This will help me alot.
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