packing and passing-on assistan

I have created a directory with icons for a vb60 application.
When I want to install the compiled exe of this application on an other computer, then i missed this directory and i must install specially this directory with the icons on the other computer.

is there a solution, how i can add the directory with the icons in the packing and passing-on assistant!

thanks for any answer
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TimCotteeConnect With a Mentor Head of Software ServicesCommented:
Ok, this may seem a bit over the top (and I haven't fully got it all tried out yet). If you build your application without adding any of the icons etc you will obviously get the cab file built and the setup.lst created but none of the icons will be included.

The next step is to write a new vb application which does the following - I would suggest using the FileSystemObject in VB Scripting runtime reference to do this.

Read all entries in the \icons\*.* path and place the full file name surrounded by double quotes - "\\Server\AppDir\Icons\Arrows\LeftArrow1.Ico" into a text file somewhere.
Also into a seperate file, build up the setup.lst entry for these icons,


You can obtain the file date and time and size using the FileSystemObject.

This will give you two files, one which contains the full paths to the icons and the other which contains setup.lst entries.

Now what do we do with them?

In the \support directory of your package folder, you will find a file called ApplicationName.DDF, open this and you will see that it contains the instructions for building your cab file, if you copy in the entries from the first file created above they will be added to the cabinet file when you run the ApplicationName.Bat batch file in the same directory.

You can then add the Setup.lst entries created in the second file above to setup.lst and it is done.

I know that it seems a long way round, and involves creating another application to process this stuff, but if it is something that you are likely to have to do on a regular basis it will probably be the most effective way given the limitations of the P&D wizard.

If you would like me to sketch out an example of the file creation app I will see what I can do.


TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
In the "Included Files" step of the wizard, you can add as many files as you need, add your Icons here, later on you can choose the directory you want them installed into, perhaps ($AppPath)\Icons.

fragenAuthor Commented:
hy timcottee!

thanks for your information. when i am at the menu "included files" i can add there only files, but i want to add my whole directory, because i have over 100 icons there.

what do you mean with "later on you can choose the directory you want them installed into, perhaps ($AppPath)\Icons"

can you tell me more details, how i can do this.

i selected for a test one icon and looked at my file setup.lst and could find the following entry:
[Setup1 Files]
File1=@ARW01DN.ICO,$(AppPath),,,4/24/98 7:58:30 PM,1078,

but who can i select the whole directory!

thanks again
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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
You can select multiple files in this screen, click the first hold down shift then click the last. You cannot unfortunately choose an entire directory in one go. Then to determine the location it goes to; two ways, one is in the "Install Locations" screen manually set the install location to $(AppPath)\Icons, the other perhaps more practical would be to create the package then open you setup.lst file and do a find and replace on ".ICO,$(AppPath)" to ".ICO,$(AppPath)\Icons" before distributing.
fragenAuthor Commented:
hy timcottee!

thanks again. I understand all your ways and tried it out. But i can still only one icon ore can select all 100 icons in each subdirectory and can save it in each subdirectory.

my next problem is that i have one main directory under the application called "icons". under this directory i have many subdirectories, like arrows, comm, computer e.g.

in each directory (arrows, comm, computer) i have icons.

i can now add all files in the setup.lst with the option /icons/arrows and so on.

but is there also an other possibility, how i can do this in one way, because it is not possible to select all icons in one directory with the "click the first hold down shift then click the last".

i have also tried to change the file setup.lst of the one icon i have selected like:

[setup1 Files]
File1=@*.*,$(AppPath)}icons,,,4/24/98 7:58:30 PM,1078,

i hope to get one more answer from you
fragenAuthor Commented:
hy TimCottee again!

thank you very much again. i read out your last message, but couldn't follow exact all your thinking, because my Native language is german.

it is very nice, when you can send me an example.

thanks again
fragenAuthor Commented:
my e-mail adress:

thank you again
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