finding Harddisk's serial number

How to find the Harddisk's serial number through my program in VB.
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RuchiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Private Declare Function GetVolumeInformation Lib _
"kernel32.dll" Alias "GetVolumeInformationA" (ByVal _
lpRootPathName As String, ByVal lpVolumeNameBuffer As _
String, ByVal nVolumeNameSize As Integer, _
lpVolumeSerialNumber As Long, lpMaximumComponentLength _
As Long, lpFileSystemFlags As Long, ByVal _
lpFileSystemNameBuffer As String, ByVal _
nFileSystemNameSize As Long) As Long

Function GetSerialNumber(strDrive As String) As Long
Dim SerialNum As Long
Dim Res As Long
Dim Temp1 As String
Dim Temp2 As String
Temp1 = String$(255, Chr$(0))
Temp2 = String$(255, Chr$(0))

Res = GetVolumeInformation(strDrive, Temp1, _
Len(Temp1), SerialNum, 0, 0, Temp2, Len(Temp2))

GetSerialNumber = SerialNum

End Function

Private Sub cmdSerial_Click()
Call MsgBox(GetSerialNumber("C:\"))
End Sub
Tried Ruchi's answer because I was curious too and works well. Only comment I have is that if you want to compare it to what you get at the command prompt by typing "dir", use the hex function:

Call MsgBox(Hex(GetSerialNumber("C:\")))
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SRIVBAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay..

I worked out your answer, but it only gives the volume serial number.  But I want to find the physical id of the hard disk which was created by the manufacturer of the disk.
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