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Dashed border in IE

How do I remove the dashed border of an anchor tag in IE.

<a href="xyz"><img src="xyz"></a>

When clicking on the image, IE will make a dashed border around the image. NS doesn't do this.

1 Solution
Is it possible? I think, that no... I know only about solid border around image, which can be deleted using <img src=... border=0> attribute.
KEAuthor Commented:
I was thinking on some of the style properties. I hope it's possible - the reloading trick is kind of overkill...

That border thing is one of my major dislikes of IE...  why did they ever put that "feature" in in the first place?

Sorry, I don't know of any way to get rid of it nicely...

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Remove the focus from image is the only way, AFAIK. So it will require script work on onClick or onFocus (whatever you and DOM like more)

Regards, Dmitry

focus border disappears after mouse release:
<a onClick="blur();" href="xyz"><img src="xyz"></a>

focus border will not appear at all:
<a onFocus="blur();" href="xyz"><img src="xyz"></a>
KEAuthor Commented:
I've tryed your solution, but unfortunately it has some nasty sideeffects.

1. The browser window will loose it's focus and will be covered by all other opened applications.

2. It's also hard to get the browser to follow a link, since the focus is removed before it get's a chance continue (this actually stall's the link).

It seems that the blur() function only operates on Form controls and the window itself. Do you have another suggestion, than blur() ?

sure, the only thing you need is make the focus out of your images: use

<a onClick="window.focus();" href="xyz"><img src="xyz"></a>

instead of blur(); ... but would you mind to say what IE/OS are you using? I can't repeat this problem you mentioned. Both of them :(
KEAuthor Commented:
That's it !

I'm using IE5 on NT4 SP5.

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