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I`m in the UK and have read that I can get free internet access using alta vista but I can`t get a phone number to register. Please advise
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stedan_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
goto it offers free 0800 access all of the time... check it out i use it its great... its free you just register online and it doesnt cost anything.... no monthly charges or telephone bills... anything...! :)
hope it helps :)
To my knowledge, AltaVista is currently only offering this in Canada and the United States.
There is a service called freeUK ( that offers free ISP service in the UK. Please note that you will still have to pay normal phone charges, as those are not controlled by your ISP.
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yes you can in England, but its £35 a year, and you need to register....

you can also gain free internet access, with free fone access through, all calls to the net between 6pm and 8am weekdays and 6pm friday to 8am monday are free, you can sign up as long as you have ie5 at :-
to use this service you have to switch your telephone account from BT to Localtel, though this is an easy switch.

or BTinternet ( have announced that from the 1st of march 2000 they will give access to the net to their members on an 0800 number between 6pm and midnight weekdays and all weekends for a monthly fee of £9.99

to my knowledge altavistas offer comes into effect in around 3 months.
The free ISP business is certainly blasting off. I have 4 free ISPs on my computer and a couple of them (FreeI and Freeworld by Excite) give me better connections than AOL usually gives me. I think that this is because much of the world is now using Cable modems, DSL, ISDN, or even T1, so dial-up services are having to adapt or die, and some of them are getting blown away by the free ISPs and specialized connections. I live in the US, so I don't know quite how it is for you euros, but I heard that they are (were? will be?) working on a new fiber-optic line across the Atlantic that can bear a lot more of the phone traffic that is crossing it.
I moved from England at the WRONG time.... moved out to Tenerife 7 months ago, and am paying $80 a month just to get 24hrs access to the net (one number) and still pay by the min for every other phone call.... and thats only on an ISDN line......

Nothin FREE for me! :(

Craig C.
global freeway is a free ISP, YOU CAN CONNECT on line, I have found it to be quite o.k, sure it is slow at times but it is free, you get add pop-ups every hour on your screen (very easy to close though).

Hope this has helped you out.
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