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CMOS Checksum error

I know what a checksum error is, but what is the significance of getting a "CMOS checksum error" when booting the computer.
Pressing F1 allows machine to continue booting.
Incidentally if I access the BIOS settings, and then exit having saved, the checksum error disappears for the next boot.
Can anybody help? Is BIOS perhaps corrupted, or could it be motherboard?
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It means that your NVRAM battery is probably getting old. Have you noticed that the clock is not accurate also. What happens is that there is a checksum on all the Non-volatile CMOS ram, and if does not match the stored value you get the error message. The usual cause is the Motherboard battery. Saving the CMOS settings restes the checksum until next time. I hope this answers your question.
As per SysExpert

It's your battery.  Time settings may not change but other settings may change because of lack of battery power.  The problem is probably occurring when the computer is left overnight and the battery doesn't have enough grunt.

You are fixing the problems and rebooting and the battery does not have to do any work hence no CMOS problems.
The battery is easy to check.  Use a multi-meter, look at the battery for the correct voltage and test with the computer off.  If it's an old system, you may have a dallas chip on the board, they last about 5-6 years.
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If your battery is ok, what bios is on your board(eg award / ami etc...)? Have you tried clearing your cmos and saving it with bios defaults? If you do a soft reset (ie ctrl+alt+del) do you still get the error? If not there could be a fault with the nvram or power supply.
You can replace you battery pretty easily.  Buy a new battery - most boards the battery looks like a nickel now, slip it out and slip the new one in.  Older boards you need to remove the board and desolder the battery and solder the new one in.  NO PROBLEM!
MTindillAuthor Commented:
Okay, thanks sysexpert, you got there first.
Is there a possibility this problem with the battery would cause a printer not to function at all?
Possible but not probable. If the default value for the printer port gets messed up it could possibly cause the printer not to function. Get a new battery and see if it solves the problem.
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