win 95 upgrade on ibm ps/2 486dx

Can you upgrade to win95 on this system?
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DoolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello this is Wayne from sydney i hope I can help.From experience you can run win95 on any machine from a 386dx upwards.But, and its a big but Your machine will run win95 as long as you don,t try to run to many memory hungry applications like excel or Microsoft office without at least 16-32 meg of ram.I don,t agree with the comments about slow because as a stand alone operating system win95 runs just as well as win 3.1 Its only when you try to run the latest programs and games thats when you need at least a pentium.To sum it up you can run win 95 on your machine it depends on what else you want to run with it. regards just a quick tip copy the win95 folder from your cd to the hard drive its much faster and will install like lightning.
Yep, you should be able to. I would get the latest bois upgrade first though. And make sure you have at least 16 meg of ram.Check here for latest BIOS:
Have 13 of them in one of my computer labs, works fine.  I wou;d recommend 32 to 64 meg of ram which will help.  Like stated above, 16 is the minimum.

Hope it helps.
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Sure you can but you will be waiting about 100 years just to boot up. (seems like it)
I would suggest to upgrade to at least 100-200mhz before installing W95 and make sure you have 32-64mb of RAM or else it will be even slower.
Well it looks like a few answers above cover it...
Couple point's I'd like to add tho..
Win 95 will install on any full 386DX system and up if the following
conditions do exist: enough ram
enough video ram 1Mb minimum for any serious color settings....
enough hard drive space to install OSR2 wants 80-120 for install
and of course a CD Rom drive to install from...

But seriously if this is a 486DX/2 66 I would strongly recommend
you not update it to Win95 of any version.. it will be slow as
molasses in January north of the 49th parallel... eg. turn system on go cook a full breakfast and bring coffee back to start working.. start any serious software.. go take a coffee break including perk it...

Workarounds for this.. install as much memory as the system can handle
run a Ramdisk with everything above 64Mb and set the virtual memory
to that..Win95 doesnt handle memory above 64Mb all that well so a ramdisk of 64Mb or larger is a great idea.

BTW do not credit me with the answer on this one.. these are just

Wordy Aint I?
no problem
but you need more than 32 B RAM
mayebe its give you good result

Umm, "From experience" yea right.
Even the boot time will be slowing you WAY down, I tried installing W95 on a 486/50 with 20MB of RAM, I had to reinstall 95 about 4 times the first night because of crashes and lockups. And I was running simple games!
Finally I just bought a 233mhz with 32MB and didn't have to worry anymore.

Best advice is to just buy new MB/CPU/RAM
Note to people who disagree with win 95 being slow on anything pre
486DX4... how many systems did you try it on? heh I've done 100 diferent configurations eg motherboards/cpu's ram amounts/types
the boards that support 72 pin ram and 486DX4 are faster and support
more memory the DX2's are much older technology.
If someone wants to update to 95 it's usually to run Office or games

To Compmania
I recall something about a glitch with the /50's and win 95..
sorta like the one with the P50/60/66 unacknowledged by Intel.

One thing to remember if you do update the IBM with memory and put 95 on.. don't try to multitask too much at once.. if you run two programs to cut an paste should be fine.. (if somewhat slow)
running more than two large programs at one time will be unstable.
I think we are getting away from the basics of this question,nerdette57 simply asked Can 95 be installed on a 486 DX system? The simple answer is yes.
No if and or buts about it,it can be done.
Himm, it is not a Intel chip, it is a Cyrix (VERY OLD) Don't use it anymore so I don't care.
Well the reason we got off topic was to try and help nerdette avoid some headache's .. but you have a point
nerdette57Author Commented:
Thank you dool and everyone ! You have answered some questions I have been searching hi and low for.You have done me a great service as I relay on my computer for my income. Now that I know that it will not implode if I install w95 it seem like the solution to my limited budget.(It will certainly cut down on search time.!)
This computer was from the /70/ series. so I'm hoping it does not have that ibm/ms/intel disagreement.In any case, I'll be way ahead in Knowledge.
I don't have to multitask very often at any break neck speed but I work of tne web and and had a lot of problems with a compaq proleana 66 running w95. Looks like I'll try MB/CPU/RAM makeover. (5 would make my work easier.Gonna miss my ol' 3.1 ....Amazing what you can do with it, good and bad. Taught me alot, but it didn't succeeed in teaching me to take precautions obviously. Oh well, on to another computer learning adventure!
Thank you all again....nerdette57
Wow, the internet on a 486, you ARE brave!
to compmania
i have 386sx25 notebook with DOS
and have internet with it :))
Have fun, I hope you are just using a text based browser because it will be SLOW!!!
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