Automation to Excel in C++ using Direct-To-COM

Posted on 2000-03-06
Last Modified: 2008-02-20
I need to export some tabular data to Excel.8.
So, I am writing :

#import <D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\EXCEL8.OLB>
boolean MyClass::menuExportTableToExcel()

    using namespace Excel;
   _ApplicationPtr pXL;
            pXL->Visible = VARIANT_TRUE;
            WorkbooksPtr pBooks = pXL->Workbooks;
               _WorkbookPtr pBook  = pBooks->Add((long)xlWorksheet);

            _WorksheetPtr pSheet = pXL->ActiveSheet;
            pSheet->Name = "Selling Sheet";

            for (int col_i = firstCol; col_i < listt->count(); col_i++)
(*)              pSheet->Cells(1,col_i-firstCol+1)->Value = //something;


Compiler issues 4 errors on line (*).
      - term does not evaluate to a function
      - left of '->Value' must point to class/struct/union

I saw in *.tli, tlh files but unfortunatly it did not help

In 2 words, I need in loop put data in EXCEL through _WorkbookPtr. I need something
like that in VB :

For rwIndex = 1 to 4
    For colIndex = 1 to 10
        With Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(rwIndex, colIndex)
             .Value = "shalom"
        End With
    Next colIndex
Next rwIndex


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Without getting into too much detail, it's nothing to do with COM.

pSheet->Cells(1,col_i-firstCol+1)->Value = //something

It seems to think that you're calling
a function Cells()

Cells(1, col_i-firstCol+1)

you probably want square brackets (I'm assuming that Cells is actually a multidimensional array)

Cells[1, col_1-firstCol+1]

RE: - left of '->Value' must point to class/struct/union

This is pointing to the fact that you aren't getting what you want before ->Value

If the idea is to get something back from a function (e.g. Cells() actually returns a cell) you'll have to do

Foo* pCell = Cells(1,col_1-firstCol+1);

and then pSheet->pCell->Value

or whatever.


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I've tried it before, it did not help...
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Author Comment

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Please do not ask me, I already found the soultion !!!

    Excel::RangePtr pRange;
      CString csRange;
      for (int i = 0; i < nLines; i++) // send each line to Excel
        { // one value at at time (till speed becomes an issue
        for (int j = 0; j < sizeof(cBreaks) / sizeof(cBreaks[0]);j++)
          csRange.Format("%c%d", 'A'+j, i+1); // "A1, A2... B1, B2," etc
          pRange = pSheet->Range[(LPCTSTR)csRange];
          int idxChar = i*nLineLength+cBreaks[j]+1; // idx 1 past prev. NUL
          if (idxChar > nLength) // avoid overruns
          _variant_t tVar(&pC[idxChar]); // point to NUL-terminated string

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