Icons in Location bar of IE5

If you visit http://www.infospace.com/ using IE5, you will see a little red Icon in the left corner of the location bar (where the URL is displayed).  How do they do that?
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excuse me, knightEknight, I've rushed into answering too fast ;)

there is one more way to add icon to page in IE5 besides favicon.ico in the page dir - place link tag in your page:
<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" href="/url/favicon.ico">

both work in Address bar and Favorites menu with 16x16 icons (16 colors requirement seems to be out of date)

now that's it ;)

see MS's article at
I don't see it?  Sounds cool...  How did I get it to appear?
IE5+ asks for favicon.ico in the url-path with a page added to Favorites.

Just create or get an icon 16x16 pixels with 16 colors paletter, call it favicon.ico and place in directory of your page.

Regards, Drom
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knightEknightAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I didn't know it had to do with the favorites -- that's why it shows up on my friend's PC and not on mine.  Also, for others that read this question, after you add the site to your favorites list, you may have to re-open it in another browser to see the icon.  From then on it will be there!
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