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I thought I understood it, but I cannot seem to get the indexing of keywords right in pages on my website. Can someone take a look at the site and let me know where I have screwed up? The URL is www.futureminds.com. Webcrawler lists the site, but it looks wrong to me.
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garfldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first of all, they say you shouldn't use a keyword more than 3 times in your tags, so go back and do some serious cutting.

second of all, go back and add a meaningful description of your site in the meta tag section. Then the site listing will be what you want.

third, run the site through some meta-checkers. That will be very helpful to you. Here are a couple:


try all of that. It will make a huge difference.
Most search engines rank page title and meta tags as the highest in the sequence.

Check out this article:


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