Command Button invisible!!!!!

I have a CommandButton in a Frame in a TabStrip. I run my pgm. and the button is in my frame; i change Tab and i come back on the Tab where the button was, it is disppear.
I check the visibility(debug.print cmdButton.visible) and it is True.
What can i check and how?
I can't put a breakpoint, the pgm. return where the sub was called.
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damienmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think (in design mode) you should click on the command button then use edit cut, then click on the frame and go to edit paste to put the command button inside the frame as I don't think the command button is within the frame.
Is the frame visible?
Is the button behind another control?
Debug.Print Command1.Container
Debug.Print Command1.Top; Command1.Left
You may also try
Command1.ZOrder 0
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Yes I've got my money on the button is not IN the frame but behind it somehow you got them on the form separately such as adding it to the tab without the frame being selected to make it within the frame.  

If that isnt it you may have a problem with IE5 and NT4 where I installed SQL 7 and all of my toolbars and stuff dont redraw properly now known bug with this configuration I've seen/heard it elsewhere.  

Or the last chance longshot might be to check your video hardware acceleration to set it lower.  Some 2D graphics engines take shortcuts and assume certain objects wont need to be redrawn and they are wrong sometimes.  Lowering the acceleration in your advanced display preferences sometimes helps but like I said LONGSHOT.

dosylAuthor Commented:
damienm , I believe, it is true but how to cut it and paste it in the Frame?
dosylAuthor Commented:
Zorder=False always
Very simple:

Select the button, then Cut
Select the frame, then Paste

btw: damienm deserves the credits (ie points) for this one!
dosylAuthor Commented:
(Edited by Computer101) me, i surely didn't select the Frame right away.
Thank's to all of you. I don't know what i would do if EE doesn't exist.
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