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very simple

Type TSortarray = array [ 1..10] of integer;

what's the equivalent in c?
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940961slConnect With a Mentor Commented:
typedef int TSortArray[10];

void main(void)
   TSortArray              Array;

   Array[0] = 1;
typedef struct {int x[11];} TSORT;

      TSORT z;

      z.x[10] = 69;

      printf("equal %i",z.x[10]);
Thats not so very simple ... In c, array's start at 0 instead of 1.

typedef int TSortarray[10]

is the equivalent of

Type TSortarray = array [0 .. 9] of integer;

in your code.

You better learn to work with arrays that start with index 0, unless you want to do a lot of index translation, if you plan to program in C.

Hope this helps ...
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anemosAuthor Commented:
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anemosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help... I am actually aware of the fact that the first array element is suscribted with 0. What I am wanting to know is whether it is possible to define a type int[n], where n is an integer, and then whenever I need to use an array of n elements just declare :
      type_array_10_elements   myvariable

 just like in pascal.

 thanks for your time.
anemosAuthor Commented:
moreover one has to remember that x (regarding the 1st answer) in order to use that type.
In C you usually do something like:

typedef double MyType;            /* or whatever you like best */
typedef struct { int a; double b; } MyType2;

MyType my_array_var[400];
MyType2 my_array_var[20];
i didn't write in c for a long time so i don't remember it exectlly

you can use something named macro

#define TSORT(x) int x [10]

int main(){

about the fact that the array start from 0
you can write a struct array
and make there some methods that will
make it looks that your array starts from x and goes till y
and you"ll use and index-x to transfer it to 0 to y-x

and you can use the maxcro on the struct
anemosAuthor Commented:
I am afraid that I can't use a macro... having some difficulties with the sise operator..
anemosAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I wanted.. Thanx all of you for your response and your time..
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