VC++ and error C2664

I've got VC++ 5.0 and a following code:

//function prototypes

LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc(HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    //here I call EnumWndAtch function
    EnumWindows(EnumWndAtch, TRUE);
//called function

When I have this code in a .cpp file, I will get a compiler error:
error C2664: 'EnumWindows' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'int (void *,long)' to 'int (__stdcall *)(void)'.
But when I rename a .cpp file to a .c file, it works. But I want to use C++ enhancements, whitch i cannot use in a .c file.
I tried it with an extern "C" command, but it still didn't work. It's sure easy, but I can't think up how to use this code in C++.
Thanks in advance.
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Your code is correct.  The problem is that--depending on the STRICt #define--the EnumWindows function is declared to take a pointer of type FARPROC which points to a procedure that does not have any parameters.  You are passing a pointer to a procedure that has parameters (as it should in this case) but the compiler complains because it things you should pass a pointer to a procedure with no parameters.  

To fix this, just cast the pointer you are passing to tyupe WNDENUMPROC,  like

EnumWindows((WNDENUMPROC) EnumWndAtch, TRUE);

Let me know if you have any questions.

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mysonAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, nietod! You're a genius.
A genius?

Ahh that explains it.  The reason all the IQ tests-WISC, WASE, WIPSE--all begin with W. W is for windows.   :-)
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