HP ScanJet 5200C incompat with Epson 1200?

A last state of desperation!
HP ScanJet 5200C works fine with HP OfficeJet.

Instal Epson Stylus Photo 1200 which works fine, but scanner stops working.
(Printer connected to scanner's second port, then to LPT1)

Uninstal, re-install etc. Go to HP Helpline, after an expensive hour, no progress.

Anyone met this problem before, and is there a solution?

Win95, Cyrix6X86-200 166MHz, 28Mb)
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you can try some of these buit I doubt this will work

ISSUE: An error dialog box appears with the following message when you try to run HP PrecisionScan LT: "Cannot find your scanner. You may have a scanner connected to your PC, but PrecisionScan LT was unable to locate it. Do you want to run HP PrecisionScan LT without a scanner attached to your PC?"

SOLUTION 1: Shut down the computer. Cycle the power on the scanner by unplugging the power cord. After 10 seconds reconnect the power cable. Then start the computer and try running HP PrecisionScan LT again.

A connectivity patch is available, which may resolve the issue. Click here to download the Connection Patch for Windows 95/98 (sj325me.exe).

SOLUTION 2: If Solution 1 and the Connectivity Patch did not resolve the issue, the scanner may not be responding due to a conflict with an attached printer. Further information is available regarding connection with printers below:

The following is a short list of documents detailing specific problems. To view one of these documents, click here to go to the HP Customer Care home page and type (or cut and paste) the document title into the Quick Support Search box at the bottom of the page.

"Printing Problems When Parallel Scanner Is Connected"

"Okidata Printer Not Working With Scanner"

"Canon Bubble Jet Printer Not Working with Scanner"

"Scanner Not Responding or Attached Printer Not Working with Switchbox"

"Lexmark 3200 series printer stops working after installing the ScanJet 3200C scanner"

"Printer Prints a Page with Extraneous Characters after Installing the 3200C Scanner"

"Printer has Flashing Red Light when Starting the PC after Installing the 3200C Scanner"

SUMMARY: This error may occur when the HP ScanJet 3200C scanner has a conflict with an attached printer or has been left in an unstable state. This can happen if PrecisionScan LT was abnormally terminated (for example, if the user pressed CTRL + ALT + DEL while scanning, or if the computer ran out of memory while scanning, or if the system crashed). Rebooting the computer does not typically fix the problem.

see this link for the links to the updates

if the above did not work  try this

Uninstall the scanner (if you have norton anti virus go into it and disable auto protect mode) then reboot once you are back into windows hit ctrl,alt,delete and end task everything except for explorer and systray then reinstall the scanner

1. go into the bios and check the parallel port mode you want to have it set to ECP mode.

2. While in BIOS turn off power management

3. Make sure scanner is connected directly to the pc no switchboxes and that you are using the cable that came with the scanner or an IEEE1284 compliant cable

4. Your printer may be interferring with the scanner you can try this workaround but it may not work

go to start settings printers right click on the printer select properties go to the details tab and then click on spool settings then select to disable bi-directional support and to print directly to the printer the format should be RAW try again if the scanner still does not work then you will need to uninstall the printer and all of its software then uninstall the scanner (if you have norton anti virus you will need to go into it and then turn auto protect mode off) once you have done that then reboot once in windows hit ctrl,alt,delete and end task everything except for explorer and systray then reinstall.

5. Make sure the scanner is plugged direct to the wall do not run it through a powerstrip it may limit the amount of the power the scanner requires thereby making the bi-directional communication weak and it loses communication

6. IF all of this fails yet your scanner can work with the printer not being installed and attached then you will have to get a seperate parallel port installed in your pc they cost about 15.00 - 40.00 depending on manufacturer.

The reason for this is your printer uses a status monitor that program requires constant communication with the printer it establishes this communication during bootup because it has files in the win.ini and system.ini that load the driver files for this status monitor program once those files load they take control of the parallel port so that the printer can maintain constant communication that is why your scanner cannot get through.

To put it in an analogy there is a wall that the scanner is hitting up against everytime it tries to communicate with the printer present on the system and only the printer has the passcode to get through the wall Because it created it.

Some printers do not do this but usually there are very few companies who do not do this they do it for two reasons for the ink levels and status of the printer to be displayed and if you buy another companies product it will not work so you assume there is a problem with that product take it back to the store and buy the same brand printer you have previously HP does not tend to do this but Lexmark does, Canon does on some of there printers (they are getting better about not doing this) and Epson does it on some of there printers also the one you have just happens to be one of them ... so you really have two options at this point if nothing else above worked which will resolve it and be the least headache giving

1. Get a 2nd parallel port installed and put the scanner on that one leave the printer on lpt1

2. Use another printer such as the officejet that you are having no trouble with
SchoolwareAuthor Commented:
Many thanks briancassin for your comprehensive list of suggestions. I could not expect more!
But . .  they didnot solve the problem, but I think you deserve the points anyway!

Had to use these two items because publication quality needed from the results.

Solution used: Remove scanner to next door office, and send the scanned doc via LAN to printer. Tedious but works

Dave at Schoolware
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