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My Win95 machine has a 3.2Gig HD.  It is sufficient for my needs but I came upon a free 364MB drive and I was going to slave it to the existing HD. When I opened the case I realized the CD-ROM drive is already slaved to the HD.  The MB manual explains all the different combinations that are acceptable but gives no pro/cons.  What do I gain or lose if I add the small HD as a secondary; if I make the CD-ROM secondary and slave the small drive; any other choices.  I know I can get a lot more space for not much money, but I don't really need it and I am mostly trying to learn.
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rayt333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You will notice no performace difference if you set the HD as slave to the first HD or if you set it as master on the secondary IDE controller.
If it was me since the CD-Rom is already set as slave then leave it alone and set the new HD on the second IDE controller.

If as you say, you are trying to learn, then why not experiment and see what happens with each hookup. I really doubt you will see any difference
What is on your secondary controller?
If your machine is operating ok then put the second drive as master on the secondary controllers. Some say that is the best way to use a secondary drive

Good Luck
Hey Ray
 Not bad we are only one minute apart and 33 minutes before he asked!!!
 I love this bug!!!!
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kevinkempfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer AND for the encouragement t6o you and sorgie.
I'm going to post a question for you to split the points, you said the same thing I did and at almost the same time.
kevinkempfAuthor Commented:
Glad you did that. I didn't know what to do about it.
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