Global Array Variable in CF

Is it possible to create a sesssion or client variable to act as a global array to hold values for one page while the user roams the site before "Checking Out" at the page where the array is diplayed.

Thanks in advance.
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nathansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Session, Application, or Client Var.'s will do this.

Please read this either grade it or delete it.
Sure.... the array is created as a variabe and stays in that condition for as long as you want.. doesn't have to be displayed... and since it is a session.variable you can call up the contents of the array anywhere you want!

If you want it readily available, put it on a javacript popup page callable on any page you want??
It sounds like you are either NEW to ColdFusion or you have a special need.  pdliles, has answered your question but I wonder if you need more info???  If not pdliles has answered your question.
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or you can create it as an application variable - globally available to any session.

I just checked global declaration of array variable with session variable. It works well as expected. I strongly agree with pdliles.
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