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people not listed in Address Book ?

stanleylcm asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
For a Lotus Notes Domino 4.6, I have an email account which I do not
want to display in the address book, however, I don't want to delete
the actual account, how can I do it ?

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My guess would be that you create another address book and place that user in it.  If you still want that user to receive emails you will have to add this new address book to the 'names=' entry in the notes.ini of the server.



I actually want is :
The account can receive mail, but not display in
the list of my address book

Yes, create a cascading address book...he will be say in another address books called (secondry address book)...the user must change to that addressbook to see his name, but it will not appear in the NAB.  
I cant think of another way, maybe someone out there has another better alternative.


Only other thing I can think of is to edit the selection formula for the People view in the NAB, maybe to include a not statment, so that the user is not displayed under that view.
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ellem is absolutly right!  This is basic Admin 101.

St. Harris

Thank you...thank you very much


I think all of you missunderstand my
question, maybe due to my poor presentation.

My case is : I have an account or say
a people, which is left. However, his
email account want to keep for a while.
so I cannot delete the person from the
server. However, when people sent mail
using the server address book, they can still see the entry. So what I want is the account still valid, but other people cannot see the entry inside the address book.

Thanks a lot

P.S. ellem suggestion I already tried, but seems does not work. Thanks

Doesn't work?

What happens?

So you have a person in the address book who left but you want to keep his account active...
You want to do this because he might come back, or you want to outside mailers to continue sending mail to that address?

IF the latter is true then you should hi-lite his name and hit the delete key.  He and his mail file will stay active but his name will be gone from the PAB but NO ONE wil be able to see him.  (I am not even sure how to get him back in...)


If it did not work then it's possible that you do not have sufficient rights to the Name & Address Book, or you left an entry in the security section that you you did not meant to, or you made the change in a replica copy and it has not yet replicated to all other replica copies.  I would also like to know what steps you took and what the results were.  Another solution is to delete the Person Doc and make the dB a Mail-in dB.

St. Harris


Quick check.  Go back to the Person Doc your trying to hide in the PNAB.  Follow ellem's directions (above) and see if the document retained the security settings you selected.  If it did not then you don't have the necessary rights.

St. Harris
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