Notifications when a document is modified


I am looking for a quick clean simple method of sending an e-mail notification anytime a document is modified. The caveat is that only one notification should be sent when the document is closed, so that if the user saves the document several times before closing it, only one notification is sent. I would also like to avoid using an agent to accomplish this if possible.


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MWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. create a subform

2. in the postopen event of the subform place following formula:


3. in the querysave event of the subform place the following formula:


4. in the queryclose event of the subform place following formula:

@MailSend(sendTo;copyTo;blindCopyTo; subject;remark;bodyFields;[flags]);

5. place the subform into the form where you would need this functionality
Z_BeeblebroxAuthor Commented:
Seems like it should work... I didn't even think about using environment variables. I will implement it and then test it and then give you the points assuming all goes well. One question though? Why do you say a subform is required? I could do everything on the form itself.

I prefer using subforms not to be blocked using script in the events of the form.

But of course you can keep it simple placing the formulas into the form.
just put an @mailsend in the querysave.

No evironment variables, no test

just send mail.

Good luck
Ikke De Steve
just to put the command in the querysave won't do it. It will send a mail every time a user saves the document. It should send the email only once when closing the mail and only if the document was saved at least once.
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