Can't open ASP page in IE

I have a similar problem to Q1029312 and none of the answers to that help.

When I try and open an ASP page in IE5 I get asked if I want to open it or save it. I  can open an ASP page if I enter the address

I'm running IE5, IIS (the one that comes with NT Opt Pack 4), NT Server 4.0 with SP6.
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absongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, if you want to view your ASP pages the way it would appear to other people (i.e. processed), you need to view it through HTTP protocol. That is:


xyz can be: - local machine
localhost - local machine
<your true ip address> - your local machine as known to the outside world

you can find out your ip address by using winipcfg


Virtual directories are the same
so if you have a virtual directory called /cgi-bin/, you can view that directory through

Hope this helps
I think that you perhaps have one problem:

First you perhaps must add in the IIS configuration the Extension ASP to your group of documents.

schoonAuthor Commented:

Could you be a bit more specific about where and how to do this.
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When you drag an ASP file from your C: drive to IE5, Windows tries to identify the file type by its extension. However, Windows does not recognize .ASP extension as a browser viewable extension, therefore it tells your IE5 that it is sending a unrecognized file to IE5, and IE5 asks you if you want to save it or download it.

When you open an ASP file through HTTP protocol, the request goes through IIS. IIS recognizes .ASP extension and convert it into a browser viewable format (i.e. append HTTP headers to it). This is why IE5 can view ASP files correctly if you use:
schoonAuthor Commented:
So does that mean I can only ever view ASP pages by typimg in

And how do I look at pages in virtual directories?
schoonAuthor Commented:
Helped a lot. Thanks!
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