Two questions

Hey there I have a HP Deskject 695 C and I was wondering about the following.

-1. If I change the black cartride into one of HP's photo cartridges, well I see an improvement in quality even when printing on plain paper?.

-2.When I print EVERYTHING in my system goes as though I am using a 286, I have a PIII 450 MHZ, 128 MB Ram so I doubt that's the problem, does anyone know how to solve this?
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. by using a photo cartridge you will be able to achieve greater color and shading  also tones will be matched better the photo contains a pastel blue and a pastel red... these will imprive any skin tones. however it may not be as noticeable on plain copier paper because it will asorb the ink more and cause it to look darker then if on photo golssy or photo matte paper.

2. as far as speed there are a lot of reasons for this including the hardware..

one way to make it faster would be to do the following...
go to start settings printers right click on your printer then selec properties then go to the details tab click on spool settings select to disable bi-di communication the print direct to printer sool data format is raw.

some other things are the cable, video card, amount of ram free hard drive space your temp files the list goes on get back to me with more of your system resources and i casn give you a more detailed solution...

go out to dos

go to the at the c:\windows prompt type cd.. hit enter this will take you to the c:\temp directory (or it may come back saying it does not exist if ity reports this then go to next instructions otherwise type del *.tmp and hit enter then type cd.. enter then type cd windows then enter then cd temp then enter in the c:\windows\temp directory atype del *.tmp hit enter this will delete all the temp files in your system.

You may also want to run scandisk by goin to start programs accessories system tools scandisk then after that is done run disk defrag also under accesories, system tool.

try disabling your anti virus and / or utility programs during printing i.e. ctrl,alt,delete end task everything exvcept for explorer and systray then open application then print ..

also some ms apps like word use background printing turn this option off go to tools then options then print tab uncheck background printing apply the change exit application then reboot
1 - I don't think you will see a large difference - All I can say is try it

2 - I know how you feel - but as far as I have seen there is nothing you can do - The HP drivers are very demanding on the system. We have an HP 612c and it does the same - I was able to help this problem with using an older driver - I think HP 600 - But this creates other problems like when the paper runs out it messes up the printing, you can't resume an must start over.
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