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in game programming, actually which one is better opeb gil or direct x.?i 'm writting  using VC++? and which is more reliable VC++ and borland C++?
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johnssonmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let's see... Some pro:s and cons (needless to say, IMHO only...)


+ Stable, robust and proven

+ Mature

+ Fast and efficient

+ Excellent for dedicated 3D programming

+ Supports multiple platforms

+ Richly documented

+ Very well supported

- Only designed for 3D. Want API's for other game related stuff such as input, network support, 2D graphics, bitmap handling etc, you would have to combine OpenGL with something else.
(Note that this con is only a con from a games developers perspective. OpenGL is not to blame, since it's never claimed to be a complete game development API.)

(including DirectInput, Direct3D, DirectPlay, DirectSound, DirectX Media, DirectX)

+ API's for all gaming needs (3D, 2D, Input, Network play, Audio...). No need to combine with additional API:s do design and create games. Just download the SDK and you're off!

+ Increasing support from developer community. After all, Windows today is a proven platform for games development.

- Somewhat awkward to get into and not as intuitive as one might want.

- Still not really mature API.

- Property of one company only (albeit a big one). Thereby more proprietary. The time you spend learning may well be obsolete overnight, if Microsoft decides to make some major changes.

- Works only on the WIN32 platform
->in game programming, actually which one is better opeb gil or direct x

Directx is intented to accelerate the graphic speed under windows,it doesnt give you many functions to deal with graphic but instead give you way to make it more fast by using surface.So you cannot compare each other in someway.
For game programming under windows.Dirextx definitely the chosen one.
VC is more suitable for directx.

Hope helpful
eddyhalimAuthor Commented:
thanks yinan, but have u ever try open gl programming, actually direct x has some weakness in creating a 3d but opengl has a benefit on it. So i still wonder for game which is more reliable.
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->have u ever try open gl programming, actually direct x has some weakness in creating a 3d but opengl has a benefit on it.
ya,for 3d ,sure as I said directx is not for graphic but for speed.

Hmm,i consider i should leave this question open for more advices to you and you will get more help.

The thought just dump into my brain thus this late ,anyway hope my comments help you.

Best Regards

i don't know about directx

but i'm proggraming in OpenGL and i like it very much for 3D graphic it the best thing i saw
and it easy to use if you know the funcions
and there are good books that will help you like supperbible
and site on the net

about the vc or borland
i tried both and i recommand the borland
i mean C++Builder from borland
it easy to use and bill didn't touch it
after i found really not nice bug in vc i'm not touching it if i'm not have to
Why bother choosing Standard Api's, when there are professional 3D Development Kit that supports both opengl/directx/software and glide and also for multiple OS and hardware.

Most of these Api's are free for non-comercial developments, and they are sure worth the small amount of $ for a comercial product.

A such great Development Kit can be found at, it is OpenSource and a perfect way of learning D3D or Opengl.

There are many of this kind, but twilight3d's is at the top(my oppinion as game developer). Excelent Performance and outstanding features + OS.

due to the mass of engines and wrappers that are out there, this area has got so much competition that most of the SDK's are much better then standard D3D.
Not only do they support many ways of rendering, the do support many Operating systems and mostly easy to adapt to Consoles (depends on the creators of course).

So my words are, use tools, there is no need to reinvent them.

/Regards  T. Rizos
eddyhalimAuthor Commented:
don't be so dissapointed. i really accept/thanks for your answer.
i just need to know which one is more suitable for game programming even two of this has its weakness
eddyhalimAuthor Commented:
and also thanks for other recommendation, i ask this question cause i know there is pro and cons on them.
eddy, Both Api's are ment for game programming (even though microsoft claims openGL is more of a "3D Application" development kit.)

I read that on one of the press releases SGI and Microsoft had about
the future 3D Api so called farenheit. Quite pathetic if i may say, i think OpenGL is a Excelent 3D Api for games.

There are of course some weakness to both api's but anything is possible with either of em. It is really up to you :)

The only answer to your question is, if you really want a good coverage, D3D is 'probably' the best, Since OpenGL drivers are prioritezed secondly with exception of the Voodoo Makers.

As of today D3d is the first driver released for many vendors, because people has underestimated OpenGL role in todays development. But that will change.

But as i meantioned above, try and you won't be dissapointed,
the funky structure of the engine makes it so easy to adapt to any up comming api that (farenheit), due to their virtual drivers(that are wrapping). which also means you NEVER have to change any of your core Code in order to support new Api's or hardware.

Anyway, that was just some extra feedback.

good luck you
/ T. Rizos

PS: Baah, did i write this much crap? :)
eddyhalimAuthor Commented:
about the twilight3d where can i get it. is it free or we need to purchased?

thanks T.Rizos
if you're really serious about doing a game, you should contact, the beauty with twilight3d is that you get an excelent support and development hints.

you can ask them for a version  , or if you need more information about game development or this dev kit.

email me at
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