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How to open a topic, VB6-RoboHelp-OSWinHelp


I use the OSWinHelp Me.hwnd, App.HelpFile, 261, 0 to open the helpfile.
But how to do if I like to open a specific help topic?
1 Solution
janneaAuthor Commented:
I guess this is the one, but...

OSWinHelp Me.hwnd, App.HelpFile, &H1, "Where do i find this parameter?"
I'm not sure to understand, but if you can put the Topic'snumber in the HelpContextId's property in Vb natuerlly; and press F1 to access it.
janneaAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 100
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janneaAuthor Commented:
I will use it to open upp specific help topic's, eg when pressing help button in a dialog.
If I understand you correctly,...

This following code shows how the Common Dialog is used to display a particular topic in a help file:

With cdlHelp
  .HelpFile = App.Path & "\Test.hlp"
  .HelpCommand = cdlHelpContext
  .HelpContext = 110  'display a specific topic
End With

If you want to look for a particular keyword, use cdlHelpKey.

If for a keyword starting with a specific letter, use cdlHelpPartialKey.

Is that what you are asking for?
janneaAuthor Commented:
Ruchi, Yes I guess so.

But when i copy My TopicID from Robohelp .HelpContext="IDH_Tidbokning_Välkommen_till_Tidbokning" it dosent work.

Were do I find the numeric value for the topic ID?
I just learned this concept from the book today as I was preparing for the Microsoft Certification examination. I pasted the code from the book... But, I'd suggest you to go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/devprods/vs6/vbasic/cmdlg98/vbctlcommondialogcontrolhelpexamplex.htm
This is a very good example how to use Help Context Properties, etc.



Hope this helps you.
janneaAuthor Commented:
Thanks I did get the numericID's from the hh-File
This is not ContextID, this is Context String. This string is unigue for each topic and use INTERNALLY in WinHelp. You can find ContextID for your topic with mentioned Context String at [MAP] section of your .hpj file. I don't know Robohelp interface, but I'm sure that each topic MUST have unique ID and Context String. If RoboHelp hide ID for topics (why?), you may try to compile project not to .hlp, but to .hpj file (as far as i know many help tools allow to do this). And if nothing above can not help you, you can decompile you project, using help decompilers (you can find them at http://www.helpmaster.com). Then open .hpj file in any text editor (Notepad is OK) and look at [MAP] section

janneaAuthor Commented:
Ark, thanks but I have alredy solved it..

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