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My desk top is one mixed up desktop. The icons are out of order when you restart 98. It is easy to get them into the proper order with a right click on the desk top and selecting the proper menu item to sort them. The problem is that Mr. Computer refuses to remember the sorted desktop and a reboot gets you back to the mixed up desktop. I have two monitors on my system, an agp and a pci card for them. I can not honestly tell you this has something to do with this problem but I do know that this little anoyance started at approx. the same time as I set up the second monitor.

Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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maxmarsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Insofar as getting the points, I'm not really sure.. I've never posted a question before, but I assume there's a button somewhere that says "accept answer"

By the way some (I stress SOME) of the windows 95 powertoys actually DO work with 98, BUT... I dont risk it.  Also the prevailing thought (in my circles anyway) is that powertools for 98 is too buggy to trust so -- caveat emptor (let the user beware)

P.S. your welcome - of course ;)
I would instal the Powertoys found in the
You can also install the other powertoys stuff. Great for tweaking.
After tweakUI is installed, go to the control panel and go thru the options available. There should be a save desktop option there along with a lot of other nice options !
I hope this helps.
Check out this site....


You'll find the answer to your dilemma and so much more!Save Your Desktop Layout

Many of you, after meticulously arranging all the icons on your desktop, have been frustrated to no end when Windows 98 randomly re-arranges them. This bug has been around since Windows 95, but so-far nobody at Microsoft has gotten their act together to fix it. Here's a workaround:

Obtain and install EzDesk.


Note: If you are unable to move the icons on your desktop, right-click on an empty portion of the destkop, click Arrange Icons, and turn off Auto-Arrange.

Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

When you sort with the mouse, the icons get arranged, but not necessarely the way you want them.

A small registry hack works well, replacing them where you left on reboot,
except after you reboot from safe mode.

The only sure way, without outside utilities, is to have a user profile.
Always find desktop as you leave it.
Only small drawback, maybe, is you have to type at least one key and hit Enter, for the password.

On a multiuser pc that only needs one profile, you can make the password direction the name of the user.
ie: when the login box comes up, the login name is "type 1 and hit enter"

Self explanatory and easy access for anyone, and desktop stays in place.

Cremaster_Author Commented:
While the anoyances site may have the answer to my problem I could not locat it after a 30 min search. As to a utility to correct a problem with windows I am not sure that I want to add progs that might use system resources.
Try checking the registry for this key
If NoSaveSettings equals one then set it to zero.
This should solve your problem if it is the case.
Cremaster_Author Commented:
Adjusted points from 100 to 175
Cremaster_Author Commented:
This is not that hard of a question. I am sure that someone out there knows what could be wrong.
it is hard to troubleshoot if you dun give response to the comment given, like Ajnin's. We dunno what's the outcome.
"not that hard of a question"

the question may not be hard, but the solution may be.
Here's what a site has to say about this.

"Save Your Desktop Layout

               Many of you, after meticulously arranging all the icons on your desktop, have been frustrated to no end when Windows 98
               randomly re-arranges them. This bug has been around since Windows 95, but so-far nobody at Microsoft has gotten their act
               together to fix it."

Your problem may be compounded by the two monitors.
I mentioned earlier a registry hack

  There is a "NoSaveSettings" key.  deleted it and icons should  stay  where you put them. Hack similar to Ajnin, but I have not tried his method.
This is only good until you boot in safe mode.

Outside of that, one of the above mentioned utilities will do the trick.
The EZdesk lite version is free, and the full version is I believe $2
Powertoys are free and I'm sure there are others, but why bother looking further
than those two.

Good luck.
Cremaster_Author Commented:
Hey Maxmars, I tried the ezdesk prog you suggested and it seems to work. Tell me what to do so you will get credit for the question.

As for the other suggestions I tried them all including the reg hack of setting the "nosavesettings" to zero. FYI it was allready on zero. I guess that is one of the reasons M$ has not addressed the issue. The powertoys resolution is only available for Win95 users.

Centerv you made an interesting comment about your hack working untill you booted to safe mode. I noticed that the Icons were ordered perfectly the first time that you booted to normal mode after being in safe mode. go figure.

Thanks to all who attempted to assist me! Sorry I didnot update you as much as I should. Checking the page again I see that I can give credit for the question even for a solution I have rejected so I will try that.

Now off to figure out how to get some more points so I can find out how to fix a mouse that hangs.
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