BOOT PROBLEM - configmg Windows protection error

PC only starts up only  in safe mode. - If the system is forced to reboot in normalmode the following Error msg pops up:
While initialising device configmg Windows protection error.  You need to restart your PC.
Press any key to continue.

The Pc has not been upgraded with any new software\hardware.

Tried to resolve by
1. flashing the bios to the A10.  completed successfully but still bringing up the same error message.
2. Checked to see if it would boot if I took out the Lan card but no luck.
3. disconnecting the CD ROM and trying to boot but no luck.
4. Downloaded the diagnostics software from the site.  Loaded the software and ran the full blown diagnostics for 1.5 hours and it said the hardware was operating at optimum level.
5. As a last resort formatted C drive and reinstalled Win95 but when it restarts for the 1st time (after installation) it bringsup the same error message.
Now I am getting desperate.  If someone out
there could help me I would be grateful.
Dell Dimension xps m233s
Bios Vers a7 to A10
HDD Maxtor 84320d4 S/n l40t7hha
64512 Extended Memory
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sahnun100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
on the other hand shouldn't you create another question?  As other would be able to answer your new question and get the points.
Hi ismailh,

Have you install ServicePack-1 (SP1) & Y2K95 for updates Win95 driver library.
You can download that service tool from Microsoft sites.
And verify that maybe you need to download special driver for your series DELL PC when working on O/S Win95 environment.

Good luck.
ismailhAuthor Commented:
I am using the Win95c version which shouldn't need any service packs.  

From the Dell website I have already downloaded Dell Diagnostics, patch and fix and the Bios flash upgrade.  No luck so far.  Even though I will see if there is anything else on the website.

Thanks for trying to help anyway.  Very kind of you to have bothered.  Very quick response.

Abu Ahmad
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hi ismailh

look on how your hdd, cd-rom and other devices are setted. i have had the same problem on one computer in whitch the hdd and the cd-rom were both setted as primary master!!!!
this was the way the "no name" computers reseller company gave me the PC, and i've tryed to install windoze
3 times. i change the cd-rom with a hdd (with windows allready installed) and a beep error tells me something is wrong in my configuration.
ismailhAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.  I am really impressed with the service so far.  I joined about 6 months but have never got around to using the service until this problem sprang up.  

However I have already checked this and the HDD is the primary master alone.  
Thanks Anyway
boot to DOS or safemode and find "Smartdrv.exe", rename it and reboot.  Also go to, then support, then search.  Enter "Protection Error" and you will receive a list of reasons and potential fixes.
also you might rename himem.sys and get a clean copy. Other suggestion include starting it in logging mode ( F8 and then 2 ), or in confirmation mode. It might be bad RAM , or simply RAm that needs to be reseated.
Remove anything from your config.sys and autoexec. I hope this helps.
This is almost certainly a hardware problem.  configmg is the plug-and-play manager.  Since you get the error even on a brand new installation, I suspect one of your pnp devices has gone bad.  Try removing ALL nonvital hardware including all expansion cards.  If it boots up, then try adding back one at a time until you identify the faulty component.  If it does NOT boot with all devices removed, try reseating/swapping memory.  Is the system still under warrenty?  Dell has a very good support staff and will help you identify and replace any faulty parts shipped with the computer.

Interesting problem.  I have had a similar problem with my PC.  The last comment is on the right track.  It is definitely the hardware.  It is also likely that the chip\motherboard has degraded.  
Try this in the BIOS setup.  Change the 233s setting to compatible by pressing the space bar.  Also on the integrated motherboard options, disable USB ports.  This should get around the WPE message.  However, be warned it is quite likely that the PC will have slowed considerably.  
Might be time for a new faster PC!
Hope this helps.  Good Luck.
I kinda go along with SYSEXPERT as far as the RAM, if you have more than one module, I would pull one, try the system, if it still farts in the wind, swap them.

If you only have one module, can you get it checked somewhere?


I don't think (I may be wrong) that the Dell diags run the memory thru a good test.

ismailhAuthor Commented:
I have already checked the memory.  They are Dimms and 32mb each.  swapped them over and they both work.  So it isn't the memory.  Dell's check of the memory appears to be satisfactory but who knows!

Sahnun100's proposed solution seems like my last chance.  Well here goes...
ismailhAuthor Commented:
Sahnun100's idea had worked however if Sahnun100 could turn the answer into a comment as I would like to open up this question to others if it would be permitted.  You will get the points.  Thanks for your help.

What is happening now is that I can boot into Windows OK.  However the speed has decreased terribly.  As Sahnun100 had said.  
Any ideas
As long as I get the points.  Glad you resolved the original problem.
ismailhAuthor Commented:
sorry, I don't know the rules too well.  Anyway thanks for your help and best wishes for the future.

All the experts that answers, thanks to you as well for making this a positive experience for me.  
ismailhAuthor Commented:
on the other hand shouldn't you create another question?  As other would be able to answer your new question and get the points.
I am having the same problem WPE on a clean install of 98se on a old acer 486.  I have tested the memory, swapped out the cpu, swapped out the video, added more ram, removed all cables (cdrom, floppy), and cards (modem, sound), replaced himem and smartdrv

control->display->preformance->acceleration set to none

and the system boots.  what the?
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