animation in html

i need a script that enter image to my html doc from top and going out   in a loop
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check if this works.
similar to the one posted by CJ_S

<script language=javascript>
var isIE=false,isNav=false;
if(parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4){
      if(navigator.appName == "Netscape")      {
function set(){
            result = + 15 + document.img.clip.height;
            if(result < screen.height){
         += 15;      
                  document.img.left += 25;
         = 0;
                  document.img.left = 0;
      }else if(isIE){      
                  result = parseInt( + 15 + parseInt(img.offsetHeight);
                  if(result < screen.height){
               = parseInt( + 15;      
               = parseInt( + 25;
               = 0;
               = 0;
         = 0;
<BODY onload="window.setTimeout('set();',1000)">
<div id=img name=img>
<P><IMG align=middle alt=Bear src="images/Bear.gif"></P>

You will find all what you need here:
and here:

But I recomend you to use Dreamweaver to create a path for an image to move around a page.

you can insert image tag for image
<input type="image" src="test.gif">
You will need at least one layer, and javascript code. Dansteinmann is very famous on this kind of stuff.

For IE you have a layer <DIV>, this has a style attribute with the position of the layer. like

<DIV name='moveit' style="position:absolute; left:10; top:100;">


Anyway. In the javascript code you use the name of the layer, and the style..get the psotion and change it to your likings. To let it keep moving you set a time like.
setTimeOut("function-name()", 100)
(the 100 is the time in milli-seconds it will wait to re-do the function)

so, eventually it will look like:

<script language=javascript>
   function MoveItAway()
      var x-now, y-now, x-new, y-new;
      x-now =;
      y-now =;
      x-new = (some math-function-stuff)
      y-new = (some math-function-stuff) = x-new; = y-new;
      tTimer = setTimeOut("MoveItAway()", 100)

Of course you should put in it whatever you need!
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