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Gif question

I found my gif picture is bigger than others. Which way to make gif smaller?
Which software can make compressed gif ,or smaller gif file.
1 Solution
The best packages for this are
Adobe Imageready or
Adobe Photoshop 5.5 or
Debabalizer Pro.

However all of these products are very expensive...
You could always use paint shop pro...
All you need to do is reduce the amount of colours saved with the image.

In paint shop pro you could reduce colour depth to say 8, 16, 32, or 64 colours.  This program is quite cheap and easy to use and will reduce the images nicely.
Another method would be to use a web service called GIF-LUBE... This will go through your web-site and reduce the size of all your gifs...

Lastly there are some really cheap programs that can help optimise your GIFs... Here is one of them:

Gif worm:
Gif worm is only $10 !

Hope all this info helps.

you can use some graphic editing tools such as adobe Photoshop.it's also allow us to put an effect.
other freeware.shareware such as acdsee V3, irvan View, microangelo(all is graphic editing tools) u can download it from www.download.com
> acdsee V3
This doesn't reduce the size of gifs...
Rickson, I think you should withdraw your answer and make it a comment.

Please read Point 1.b. on this page:
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Fireworks is good for jpeg and gif compression, and a demo can be downloaded form www.Macromedia.com

I got version 1 on the cover of a magazine for nothing (I live in the UK)

The other solution is you could ask an expert to compress it (like me...grin)

Also coopa is right. Ricksons answer is not a fool proof solution so should be removed.

Go to GIFCruncher/JPGCruncher at;


and point the site to your graphic.

If it's any good, you can buy the product.

Cheers - MorFF
Hey, if you have adobe photoshop, you could try screwing around with the export as a web picture, it allows you to change the quality for size, or compression for quality...
chinamotionAuthor Commented:
I accept coopa 's answer.
Even though his answer will be better.
Thanks chinamotion.

The question will still be open until you click "accept comment as answer" on my post.

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