universal bios passwords

put a supervisor pass in bios, in "system" mode. set your bios to boot from "c only", and forgot your pass. what could you do to remove the pass?
is there any universal bios pass really
works? excluding AWARD_PW,shift+x y z  withch will not even work. (i refer to a laptop. on a desktop PC it's easy to remove the case, flip it out the batery and the cmos pass jumper)
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Hope this helps.


AMI_SW (case sensitive)
NOTE: For Award BIOS, AWARD_SW (case sensitive) should even override a set password! If not, also try j262.

 If none of those passwords worked, look in your motherboard/PC's manual for a jumper that will reset the CMOS. If you can't find it in the manual, look on your motherboard and find the battery. There should be a jumper with three (3) pins directly adjacent to the battery. To reset the CMOS Settings/Password, move the jumper to the 2-3 position if it is currently 1-2, or 1-2 if it is currently 2-3, then turn on the system, wait a few seconds, then turn the power off. Now, move the jumper back to the original pins. Presto, no more password.

If, however, you can't find a jumper, it may be necessary to remove the CMOS battery. If the battery is not soldered to the motherboard, this should be an easy task. With the computer's power off, remove the battery and replace it a few minutes later. That should do the trick.

Take note that resetting the CMOS settings may cause the motherboard to revert to a default password on some boards. The password is usually Award, AMI, etc...
albarbuAuthor Commented:
1.none of these passwords works!
2.this is for a desktop PC. but on laptop's motherboard i didn't found any jumper :(. even if i looked arround the battery or on the entire motherboar.
3.i removed the battery for 3 hours, not for few minutes. no succes! the pass is still there.
albarbuAuthor Commented:
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try 589589, that's worked for me on several Award bios machines
Hold the end key while powering the laptop and until the AWARD screen appears, this should reset the bios. (I know this works on desktops, hope it helps)

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What type of system is it?

(trekie1 - simply that junk, I don't like my URLs remaining less than clear)

albarbu, did you try persistence?  Some machines have awarded entry after 3-4 consecutive entries of same one.  Like three strikes and in.  [Although with one it was the right password,, just would never accept the first two tries]
SunBow ,
that URL wasn't posted for you ,I would guess that albarbu doesn't care what URL the info comes from as long as he/she gets it...
The free program you can get from this site will fix that. Download Killcmos.zip . ( Note ignore any virus warning it is the violent nature of the program that triggers these detections )I have safely used it for months. Open the zip file and open killcmos.nfo it will tell you how to use the program.http://click.go2net.com/click?area=results.goto&site=dp&shape=textlink&cid=0001c35c19d03fba00000000&clickurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.goto.com/d/sr%3Fxargs%3D00u3hs9yoahSumGpxqaqgGlCBE0yPzUzOTMkuLU4pBYoGZwZk5%2BclheTmJqTlAlUe%2BWWIeajaQtjJSNEgLKixLybItyU0vT8zILUlOLUItyTjY3Mnc0MzZ1dTA0MLEwhTEJuK1Y8Tk%2FLxCvOzbnMzknPzciGJVI5KNAuCwADRBEg%3D%3D

I agree with your contributing a worthy link.

I disagree with framing methods that cloud what the real address or location is, which is what happened to me, and may have happened to another. FYI, it did drop the ask.com ref. but excite stayed up there on my location bar no matter what I clicked to browse to.

I do like that you give hints embedded on surf techniques, but suppose one clicks on your link and needs to leave/shut down,,, would not my revision look better in your own bookmark file? Sorry, I meant no offense, just after clarity, and now i notice now a typo: I meant simplify it (not simply) and I apologize for the four letter word that followed. Whether it works or not it looks like YOU provided a good next step for albarbu.

[actually, I was shutting down and would not have clicked on it except the length increased curiosity - so thanks to your precise post, I may go back there some day. Some URLs I have to cut/paste to use, not clickable. If you've been there, you must know what it is like to patch in at the endofline issue]
I do not know if the following will help, but it is worth a try:
1. boot to DOS; 2. type debug (it comes with DOS) and you will get a '-' prompt without the ' '; 3. type <o 70 1> enter, where the first o is the lower case letter o and the second 0 is the numeral zero, without the <> but include spaces; 4. tpye <O 71 11> enter, without the <>, with spaces and where the first O is the upper case letter O; 5. type the letter q ; 6. restart the computer and then try to go into CMOS/BIOS setup. Goodluck!
albarbuAuthor Commented:
RickHulshof : how to execute killcmos if i cannot get the prompter? and the booting is from "c only" ?
swwelsh : this is an older pass ... it will no longer works on new bios.

albarbuAuthor Commented:
that's it!
sincerely i don't even know if i hold the end key or the delete key, but i passed throught bios setup!
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