Hover buttons not lining up

I have a menu that consists of 5 hover buttons... each button is on top of the next to form one big picture.  The picture looks great until I preview it and I get a thin white space between each button.  How can I get rid of the space?  I've tried creating a 1 column, 5 row table with no border but it still is not working.
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ProWebSitesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
  Use Align top for each button (see sample code below). Or if you want them going across, take out all the </applet> tags, but the last end tag (this second is only good once the buttons are finished, since in normal mode, you'll only see one hover button, even though they all are there).

   If you need a more in-depth tutorial this is one at my site:

<applet code="fphover.class" codebase="_fpclass" width="120" height="24" align="top">

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  Did you also set your cell spacing and cell padding are at 0.
  Where does the picture look great before you preview it.

snocrossAuthor Commented:
The cell padding and spacing are set to 0.  It looks good when I preview within Frontpage.
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are they hyperlinks?  is the border set to zero?
snocrossAuthor Commented:
Yes, they are hyperlinks and I'm not sure what you mean by border.  I do not see any border properties for the hover button.  If you are referring to the table that the button is in, then it's set to 0.
The easiest way would be merging all the cells, and put all your button in one cell. You do not need seperate cells for each.

When you put a hover button in a cell move your cursor to the very right of the hover button hit SHIFT+ENTER and put your other hover button.

This way you should not see any white lines between you hover buttons.

Thank you...
snocrossAuthor Commented:
That's exactly what I'm doing right now and it looks great in IE but in Netscape it puts horizontal spaces between each hover button.
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