Microphone Problems

I have Megaphone and make calls out using my computer microphone but now the party cannot her me and I know I have messed my microphone settings but do not know how to get to work again.

Appreciate it if you can get me back in the "phone call" business.

Thank you,

Gerald Baldwin
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fmartin092599Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if your volume control appears on your start bar,
1) Right mouse click it and choose Open Volume controls.

2 ) Under the options dropdown menu make sure the advanced tab is checked.

3) again under the options menu choose properties and click th playback radio button.  Make sure the microphone option is checked. then click ok. You should see a window which says record control with a microphone section.  Make sure select is checked. Under this is an ADVANCED tab.

4) Click the advanced tab. There should be a checkbox which says
1 mic boost(20 db)
check this .
it will increase the gain of your mike by 20db.

also of your new sound card is not stereo you will need a stereo to mono adapter (from Radio shack or the like).  A stereo mike will not make a proper connection to a mono card.
Double click the speaker in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and uncheck the mute box under the mic, also make sure it is plugged in the right jack on the sound card.
Has this worked before??

Do you have the Mike plugged into the modem and not the sound card? If it is hooked to the sound card then it will not work with the phone programs.
Do you have the volume turned up for the modem?
Do any other voice programs work?
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evil25Author Commented:
I have a Gateway 333 system and the mike is plugged into the color keyed jack.  I have the mute off the mike and it still does not work.  The party I am calling does not hear me unless I get within 2 inches of the mike.  It was not like this before and I still do not understand why it does not work.

The sound according to the party I am calling is very muted.

Gerald Baldwin

Have you tried another microphone or recording with windows sound recorder.If sound recorder works fine then you have to look into your dialing program for a microphone volume control.

If sound recorder doesn't work. Goto control panel, System, Device Manager tab - Do you see any Yellow excalmation icons or red icon next to the devices? If yes post all information about it here. If no icons I'd try another Microphone. Is you gateway still under warranty. If so ask them for another one.
evil25Author Commented:

The sound recorder works ok.  I went to device manager and there is a yellow ask. next to "voice modem". I tried to update the driver from windows 98 cd and M/S Windows update and it would not let me.

Don't know what to do.

Gerald Baldwin
Now were getting somewhere some of us should be able to help you now - Go back to Device Manager. Select voice modem and Click properties.
1. What does it say in the Device Status Box??

2. Click the Resources Tab What does it say in conflicting Device list.

evil25Author Commented:

In Device Manager it says:

"Wave Device For Voice Modem".There is no Device Status Box or Resources Tab.  It only has General tab and Driver tab.  Driver tab says no drivers loaded.

Gerald Baldwin
OK - do you still have the original packaging that came with the computer - Go through it and see if you can find either a 3.5 floppy or a cd that says modem driver on it. Me thinks you will need to reinstall it from the original software - If you can't find the disk - if you tell me what kind of modem you have I'll look up a driver for you.
evil25Author Commented:

I went to my System CD but no drivers on it for modems.  I went to my System disk(31/2 floppy) and clicked on Drivers but the only thing that came up was file for MSCDEX and when opened it said, MSCDEX VER. 2.95 ALREADY STARTED.

I got a new sound card from Gateway about 3 months ago so I went into the CD and reinstalled the drivers for my Creative Labs Sound BlasterAudio PCI 64v.

This took away the feedback I was having on my speakers and when I made a phone call the person could hear me but
sound was very low unless I got within 2 or 3 inches of my mike.

I went into Volume Control, muted under "Mic Balance" and turned the volume all the way up.  I went into Options and Properties and checked the Playback radio button, not Recording
but the results are still the same.


Maybe you can find a driver for me or sugesst something else.  Just about a month ago I was able to make a phone call using my mike and speak in full duplex at a reasonable distance from my mike without any feedback through the speakers.

Thanks for all your help....

Gerald Baldwin
Gerald -

What speed is your modem I'm assuming for now it is 56K?
Here is the location of your driver - providing it is 56K. Goto http://www.gateway.com/support/product/drivers/modem/6000768.shtml. I'll while you are gettimg it I will type up some instructions for you.
Okay - start by going to the device manager - select the modem. Click Remove then follow these steps. (after rebooting the computer)

1. Note I removed step one from the readme file for installation. It should already be set up.

2.After booting into Windows, click on
     Start, Settings, and Control Panel.

   3.Double-click on the icon for Modems in the
     Control Panel.

   4.The Install New Modem wizard starts. Place
     a check mark in the box beside Don't detect
     my modem;I will select from a list. Click on

   5.Click on Have Disk.

   6.Verify the command line is pointing to the
     directory you extracted the file to and click on OK.

   7.Select Telepath 56K Voice Faxmodem from
     the list of modems. Click on Next.

   8.Select the com port the modem is configured
     for and click on Next.

   9.The Install New Modem Wizard is complete.
     Click on Finish.

  10.Windows finds new hardware for a Wave
     Device for Voice Modem. The Update Device
     Driver Wizard starts again. Click Next.

  11.The wizard requests how the client wants to
     install the drivers. Leave the selection at the
     default and click Next.

  12.Put a check mark in the box for Specify a
     location: and make sure it points to the directory
     where the file was downloaded. Click Next.

  13.Windows finds the driver for the Telepath
     Serial Wave Device. Click Next.

  14.The driver is installed. Click Finish.

  15.After the modem is installed, the properties for
     the modem are displayed for review.
     Note: These are the same windows that
     appear if the Modems icon in the Control
     Panel is doubled clicked after the modem
     is installed.

Hope this get you yacking it up through your computer again.


Rick Hulshof
Gerald it would be a good idea to take note of which comm port the modem is using before you start.
Well this answer given by compmania should take care of your problem.
""Double click the speaker in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and uncheck the mute box under the mic, also make sure it is plugged in the right jack on the sound card.""

Well i also had a similar problem,it is mostly cauzed due to high volume of speakers,so the solution of this problem is to get a headphone+mic kit,which should be plugged in apropriate soundcard terminals,& the mic mute option in windowz should also be disabled.
FMartin - no disrespect mean't - but if you have followed this thread you would have noticed that this is not hiss problem - Most of us don't post as answer unless we are really sure that we indeed have the solution to the problem

Rick Hulshof
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