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mad3654 asked
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
I am trying to remove an item form a list box by selecting the item and clicking a button with the following code.  If I click on any item in the list other then the last one I get a error 381 (invalid property array index). Please help.

Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
For intcounter = 0 To lstMain.ListCount - 1
If lstMain.Selected(intcounter) = True Then
lstMain.RemoveItem (intcounter)
End If
Next intcounter
End Sub
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Try this instead:

Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
lstMain.RemoveItem lstMain.ListIndex
End Sub
Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
lstMain.RemoveItem lstMain.ListIndex
End Sub

The correct way to remove the selected items from a multiselect-able listbox is using code like

   For intcounter = (lstMain.ListCount - 1) To 0
      If (lstMain.Selected(intcounter)) Then
         Call lstMain.RemoveItem(intcounter)
      End If

If you want to know why you got that problem with your old code.. it's because let's say you have a list with 3 items. You select the first item and then run the code. You first checks the first item, you see it is selected and removes it. Now you have a list of 2 items, and you check the 2nd item in the new list. Then you try to check the 3rd item (because you think that the list is 3 items) but there aint no such item and therefore you get that OutOfRange error.

Hope this helps.
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VBMaster.. don't you need a STEP -1 in your loop ??

Oops! Ye, to mad[blaha]: you need to add " Step -1" at the end of the For statement if you use the code from me.


Thanks for the explaination also.
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