Trouble with AfxBeginThread()

I am trying to use a worker thread on occasion in my app, that would perform a little simple task that I'd like to run concurrently.  I don't see any real synchronization problems, so it would seem to be an ideal function to thread.  However, I cannot get AfxBeginThread() to properly execute.  In the documentation, there is the following example:

UINT MyThreadProc( LPVOID pParam ) {
    CMyObject* pObject = (CMyObject*)pParam;
    if (pObject == NULL || !pObject->IsKindOf(RUNTIME_CLASS(CMyObject)))
    return -1;    // illegal parameter    // do something with 'pObject'
    return 0;    // thread completed successfully}

// inside a different function in the program...pNewObject = new CMyObject;
AfxBeginThread(MyThreadProc, pNewObject);

This all seems pretty straightforward.  However, it does not work.  There is one difference- I need to use this within a class.  So MyThreadProc, in my example, would be MyClass::MyThreadProc.  I'm not sure if this is the reason it doesn't run (I get message "neither of the 2 overloads can convert parameter 1 from UINT VOID *")

Does anyone know how to actually do this properly?  And how to run it from within a class?


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nutsnutsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually, we use a global function as the worker thread fucntion. Anyway, if you want to  run it from within a class, you can just use a STATIC member function. And I think it's the only way, Because AfxBeginThread need a global function pointer.
or friend.
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MournbladeAuthor Commented:
Hey, nutsnuts- let me know if you got the 75 pts.  I thought that's what I posted, but the top of this page now says 7.  ??
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