.OnRegistryChange event?

Is there a Delphi procedure that will monitor the Win 95/98 Registry and reveal what changes are being made to the Registry "real time"?  E.g.,  an .OnRegistryChange event?
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to do so you would need a driver such as the one used in "regmon" from www.sysinternals.com
(source available also)

i suppose you know that unfortunatly you cannot write these drivers in delphi.you need c/c++ etc for them.

Regards Barry
mmm..cheers for the "b" grade .

please remember it is NOT my fault if delphi cannot write drivers or have the api functionality to moniter the registry changes.
surely i shouldve got an "A" for giving exact answer.

Monroe406Author Commented:
I didn't think you'd take the "B" grade so hard.  My apologies.
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