Telnet connections blank with telnet or putty

I've got all the TCP/IP configured all the Services/network/hosts configured in /etc but when I connect through Telnet or Putty I connect but the screen is blank and typing does nothing.. (I've got Apache 1.3.9 setup and Samba with File and Print sharing configured on the linux box as well.) the ip range is 10.0.0.XXX with a subnet mask of no gateway... nameserver and the windows station see's the server can print to the printer browse the intranet and access the files on the shared folder.

I hope this is all the info you would need.
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An easier alternative to setting up a DNS server is to simply put the IP's and hostnames of your 10.0.0.x clients in the server's /etc/hosts file and make sure that the search order is:

hosts:      files dns ...

in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
Just give it some time... like 3 minutes because it is attempting to do a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address of the host that you telnetted from. TO make it do it faster, set up a DNS Server (BIND) on your Linux machine and configure the zone
1. You can use IP address for telnet connections.

2. Check your DNS configuration on the Windows station.
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AGB : That's not the issue. It's the Linux box that wants to reverse resolve the incoming telnet address before issuing a login prompt. It has nothing to do with the DNS resolution from the Windows hosts.

I thought the file to fiddle with was host.conf, and nsswitch.conf comes into play only when using nscd (not installed by default). Does anybody knows what uses host.conf and what uses nsswitch.conf?

(OK, so I should not piggyback a question on a question, but I feel this issue - is it host.conf, nsswitch or both - is relevant nevertheless)

I also thought it was host.conf. On my systems there isn't an nsswitch.conf. Care to explain jlevie ?
Check your /etc/inetd.conf
Have you permission for telnetd daemon?
arch69Author Commented:
Perfect all I did was put user1 and user2 into hosts /etc and that was it.. thanks
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