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How to draw polygon in vc++

How I can draw a polygon in vc++ on my
  Dialog box? , please tell me with an example
1 Solution
Standard C++ has no features for drawing polygons--or for any graphics operations.

So you will have use compiler or OS-specific techniques to do this.  So we have to know what compiler/OS you are using.

For windows, you can use the Polygon() function.
I never tested this but it should work.

//this will draw a rectangle on the
//specified hwnd with the specified
HPEN pen = CreatePen(PS_SOLID,1,color);
HDC dc = GetDC(hwnd);
HPEN oldpen = (HPEN)SelectObject(dc,pen);
POINT pnts[4];
pnts[0].x = 2;
pnts[0].y = 2;
pnts[1].x = 100;
pnts[1].y = 2;
pnts[2].x = 100;
pnts[2].y = 100;
pnts[3].x = 2;
pnts[3].y = 100;

to use this code just replace hwnd with your dialogs hwnd and color with the color you want it drawn in.
Does it work on the Mac?  Unix?....
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sorry, this will only work on windows

but you could easily port it to unix and mac, if you had a line drawing function like:
"Line(drawbuffer,int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2)"

with that function you could make the PolyLine function easily:

void PolyLine(buffer,POINT *pnts,int numpoints)
    int count = 1;
    while (count <= numpoints)
        Line(buffer,pnts[count - 1].x,pnts[count - 1].y,pnts[count].x,pnts[count.y];

just a note tho, when you say VC i assume windows...
>> ust a note tho, when you say VC i assume windows...
He does mean windows.  I missed it!

Then your answer was fine...sorry.  (Although, I do think the Polygon() function I suggested is better for this.)

sag_kas, why have you rejected Redlord's answer?  It was for windows and you are using windows.  You should not reject an answer without explaining why.
That is a good question, why did you regect my answer?
If you're using MFC, then override the OnPaint (WM_PAINT handler).  Call

  CPaintDC dc( this ); // Device context for painting

to get a dc to draw on, set up the pen color (by selecting a pen into the dc) and draw using dc.Polygon(..) function

An alternative is to do the drawing in OnEraseBkgnd()

yes another is to write your own override of , say, CStatic so that it draws your polygon.  This is nicer, because you can reposition the polygon whereever you want.
Write the code in WM_PAINT event of dialog box or in any button click event.
This drawing polygon in dialog box


        CPoint point[5];
      CClientDC dc(this);
Dhrubajyoti, I already proposed the Polygon(), function.  And also there is no indication that sag_kas is using MFC.  
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