Windows Protection Error

Ok....I installed a new vid card and got this error on the reboot after detection. I've reinstalled Windows twice now and read through many other threads on related issues here.

I guess I'll start with my original config....I had an S3 Savage Pro 4 vid card (AGPx1x2x4, 16 MB) and yanked it for this card. I uninstalled all S3 drivers first, shutdown, removed the card, replaced it with the Creative card, and loaded the TNT2 Ultra drivers that came with the Creative card. Rebooted ok, but my max colors was 256 so I thought i should update the drivers. Did that and flashed the BIOS....everything went fine. Got into Windows and the was quite pleased with the card. Next, I started loading in the software that came with the card....the other stuff on the CD: Colorific, 3Deep, etc. I can't remember which program it was, but one of them asked me to calibrate the colors on screen with what I could see (ie. which shade of blue fades into the background shade best?). After answering a series of questions it wanted to I did it...and then it happened; "Windows Protection Error. Please Reboot Your Computer.".  Argh.

It came up with a blue screen, giving me a VXD error and when I hit enter it gave me the Win Protect Error. Unfortunately, thinking that this was just a little bug, I didn't have the presence of mind to write down which VXD it was. I believe that it was vdd.vxd though.

Here is what I have:
Epox MVP3C2 Motherboard
Creative 3D Blaster (nVidia TNT2 Ultra 32MB w/TV out, AGPX1 or X2)
128 MB PC-100 Ram (2X64 MB)
AOpen 56K ISA modem
ancient 16 bit Soundblaster Clone ISA sound card
Creative 52X CD Rom
No NIC cards
No SCSI devices
Win 98 final

Here is what I've tried thus far:

1) updating drivers for all hardware (except VIA Chipset, I'm doing that today)

2) Renaming smartdrv.exe and adding Himem.sys and emm386 noems to Config.sys file.

3) Deleting Windows directory and reinstalling. (twice)

4) trying nVidia Gold drivers rather than Creative's set.

Any suggestions?
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After reading the information above, and hopefully before you format your drive, I'd suspect that one of the ISA cards - either the modem or most likely the soundblaster clone, are the culprits. One or the other is probably in conflict with a plug and play (pnp) device, which is apparently the video card, because a standard VGA mode was working.

One quick thing you can check, is to  try leaving the setting in the setup/BIOS as "not" running a plug and play operating system and see if that works.

Otherwise, you will need to try removing those ISA cards to see if the video works properly without them, and then identify configuration settings that work for them when they are installed. With the ISA cards  installed, you would need to use the Windows Control Panel, (advise here if you need directions) and manually identify and reserve memory, etc. to avoid the conflicts.

Could you post the contents of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT here? Are you loading DOS drivers for the sound card?

Also, if you still have loaded EMM386.EXE in CONFIG.SYS, you may need to add an optional setting of X=C000-C7FF or something similar to prevent a memory conflict with the video card.
will it boot to safe mode?

If so try first type msconfig at the run command go to selective startup and uncheck both autoexec,bat and config,sys (you don't need them for WIn98 you can enable them after if needed )

then go into device manager and delete your montior and video card, check all area for duplicate entries then reboot

let us know
xrefrainxAuthor Commented:
Nope...sorry, didn't work.

From what I understand about this problem (which isn't much), it may be caused by conflicting drivers being loaded for one piece of hardware, or one corrupted driver to being with.

Right now I'm considering formatting my C drive and reinstalling windows. I forgot to mention that I have an 8.4 GB primary master and a 10.2 GB primary slave. I can backup anything of importance to one of the other partitions (D-L) and wipe C clean.

Any thoughts on that idea? The card/machine did function fine to begin with....think it might be a corrupt driver?

On another note, likely of some relevance, bootlog.txt states "[0012F042] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd" and "[0012F068] DEVICEINITFAILED    = MTRR " and "LoadFail = pnpdrvr.drv Failure code is 0002" and "LoadFail = DISPLAY.drv Failure code is 0002". Does that mean anything to anyone? Is that part of the problem?

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I have had the "Windows protection error".  (It is probably caused by a number of things.)  However, my problem was caused by the display drivers.  I changed the display to simply "Standard VGA" and this eliminated the problem.  Then, I could load the correct drivers.  

My problem has been caused by a game which was loaded on the system.  I do not know what is wrong with the game or the system.  I stopped using that game.  

Try setting the display to "Standard VGA".  It may help in locating the root cause of the problem.

Good Luck ...
xrefrainxAuthor Commented:
Actually that works to an gets me into windows. BUT, when I do load those drivers and reboot the same thing always happens. I have 3 different sets of drivers and the same thing happens in each scenario. Thanks anyway.
xrefrainxAuthor Commented:
I tried the non plug and play option in BIOS, but to no avail. The ISA card thing was something that I hadn't taken into consideration though. I just bought a SB Live PCI soundcard, which should arrive by mid week, I'll let you know if replacing the ISA with the PCI makes a difference.

Likely of some relevance, in device manager the soundcard has an exclamation mark next to it (it is listed as "Soundblaster or compatible"). Under the device status box it says "Device is either not present, not working properly or does not have all the drivers installed (Code 10).  Try upgrading the drivers for this device". When I search my win 98 CD for the best driver it tells me that the best one is already installed. Like I said though, this card works fine but will be replaced later this week. Think I should just yank it right now?

As for my autoexec and config.sys files, the autoexec is blank; the config.sys contains 2 lines:
device=c:\windows\emm386.exe noems

I was advised to add these two lines before to clear up a previous Win Protection Error problem (successfully).
Please explain the change that you would like me to make to the emm386.exe line.

Thanks for the help.
Yes, I'd try taking the sound card out and see if it works without it. Then put it back if you want to tinker with it, otherwise, wait for new card. ISA modem may be at fault - can't tell from your description of the problem.

They offer both e-mail and telephone support at the site shown, if you want to try writing them.

Also, in case you didn't see it, I looked at the troubleshooting information at the following web site:

I am quoting here is what they suggested:

"Following are the optimal settings for the BIOS settings that relate to all
graphics cards

In general, except for Assign IRQ to VGA and AGP aperture (for AGP cards), they can be left at default settings. However, for troubleshooting purposes, the following settings may be used to eliminate some stability issues should they occur.

Your system's BIOS may have all, some, or none of the following options. These options may be spread throughout different portions of your BIOS.

If you do not know how to enter your system's BIOS or modify the options, please consult your motherboard documentation or your system vendor for assistance.

       Video BIOS Shadowing
                           Toggle (Disable)
       Video BIOS Cacheable
                           Toggle (Disable recommended)
       System BIOS Cacheable
                           Toggle (Disable recommended)
       Peer Concurrency
                           Toggle (Enable recommended)
       PCI Streaming
                           Toggle (Enable recommended)
       Assign IRQ to VGA
                           Enabled (REQUIRED, except for the
                           Graphics Blaster MA20X and
                           MA302, and Graphics Blaster 3D
                           which do not use an IRQ)
       VGA Palette Snoop
                           Disabled (RECOMMENDED)
       Power Management
       Virus Checking
       PnP Aware OS
                           Toggle (Enable recommended)
       PCI 2.1 Compliance
       Write cache pipelining
       Video memory cache mode
       AGP Aperture
                           8Mb (REQUIRED MINIMUM, For
                           troubleshooting purposes, all AGP
                           aperture sizes should be tried,
                           especially if some games work and
                           some do not.)
       AGP Turbo
                           2/3 (If using 100 MHz FSB)
                           1/1 (If using 66 MHz FSB)
xrefrainxAuthor Commented:
Thank you, problem was resolved as soon as I pulled the ISA SB16 card. Everything is functioning extremely well again.
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