.exe files in HTML docs

How can I put a link to an .exe file on my web page, so when somebody clicks on it, it runs the program, instead of downloading the file?
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coopaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you'll find that the browser will ask the user whether thay want to "open the file from it's current location" or "save the file".

As far as I know (for obvious security reasons) there is no way around this.
simple <a href="test.exe">testit</a>
where do you want to run the program on server or on client.

if it is on client then FRehman's answer will work.

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Coopa is right. No matter the type of executable, in HTML, you cant do it. It is going to depend on the users browser, and browser configuration. Just put a nate next to the link like this maybe:
<a href="OpenMe.exe">Click Here</a> <font size="-1">(Select open file, if your browser asks)</font>

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