Question for ID

When we spoke berfore you mentioned that it would be possible to click the "Send" button on the other application.

I have tried to work this out but I cannot fathom it.

Help please......

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idoreyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dont know who ID is (My intial too!) so I will leave an answer anyway :)

If the program is already running you and you know the name of it (In the title bar) you can use the AppActivate command to give it the focus, and then the SendKeys command to click the button you need (Providing of course the button you want to press has a shortcut or can be tabbed to!)
buggodAuthor Commented:
..Sorry, cannot find your email.... :)
buggodAuthor Commented:
Thats it!

All I needed was a memory jog!

And, NO, you are not ID, but the answer is what I wanted so I dont care anyway!

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