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Debugging techniques. Documentation ?

I know this is a very general question so I just ask you for some links where  I can read about it. Thanx.
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AlexVirochovskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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There are many, many URL about debugging. Can you be more specific?
What exectly you want to debug?

jorjAuthor Commented:
KO. More specific: I must debug a program written in C, used for few 386/DOS terminals, with a lot of #ifdef statements, and many C files. It seems that almoust nothing has been done in order to be easier to be debugged, and now each bug take me few days until I figure it out what's about. Maybe from your experience, what's to be done to  avoid those eat-time bugs ?
What translator dou you use?
If you woks with BC , you can use
exellent debugger of borland:
td386.exe . If you use it, you don't need Thoery. You can make dump of memory,breakpoints, watch, inspect, ...
See td.hlp.
jorjAuthor Commented:
I have found what I wanted in your link, AlexV.
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