Javascript Write command with contents of a text file

I am writing a set of HTML pages which all have common information at the bottom of a page, which is updated regularly. I don't want to change every page, so I thought that it would be a good idea if all the pages could look up a text file with the common html in it. To do this I thought the write command would be the best option:


This isn't working. Does anyone have an idea the best way to reach my goal?

Thank you.
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jkunalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

why you not use the include file
<!--#include file="test.htm"-->
You could also use Server Side Includes

eg <!--#include file="../cgi-bin/textfile.txt"-->
You can't write a file like that in client side javascript.  Unless you have access to server side javascript, the solution would have to be a javascript include file...
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript" src="/cgi-bin/textfile.js">
notice that it ends in .js

Then the contents of the file has to be javascript code.  You could just have a series of document.write()s in it, like this:

document.write('This is the first line of the footer');
document.write('This is the second line of the footer');

Updating may be a little more difficult since you have to deal with those pesky doucment.writes and watch out for single quotes in your strings...  but this should for you.

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