Setting up a pop-up menu


At the moment, I have created my pop-up menu like so:

BOOL bSuccess;

HMENU hMenu = CreatePopupMenu();

bSuccess = AppendMenu( hMenu, MF_STRING, 1, "&Colours" );

bSuccess = AppendMenu( hMenu, MF_STRING, 2, "&Highlight" );

UINT iMenu = TrackPopupMenu( hMenu, TPM_RIGHTALIGN | TPM_RETURNCMD | TPM_LEFTBUTTON, point.x, point.y, 0, m_xList.GetParent(), NULL );

I would prefer to define a menu resource instead, but I am not sure how to reference that instead. I have looked at the method LoadMenu() but I can't get hold of the hInstance to the application.

Are there any other ways to do this..


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ShaunWildeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you have a WinMain it is the first parameter that is passed. Most people save it away into a global so that it can be used later on
Hi middled,

to use LoadMenu you need the instance handle of the module from which you want to load the menu. The instance handle is passed to the WinMain function of your application.

hint: to create a popup menu from resource you'll have to create an empty (dummy-)menu including your popup menu as 'child' menu and load it like this:

HMENU hMenu = LoadMenu( hInstance, ID_MY_DUMMY_MENU );
HMENU hPopupMenu = GetSubMenu( hMenu, 0 );
TrackPopupMenu( hPopupMenu, ... );

hope that helps,

middlelAuthor Commented:
hmm.. that is what I thought.. Unfortunately my application is an ATL dll and the only WinMain() I have is in in the little Win32 exe that launches the dll. I can't rely on that hInstance because my dll may have a VB container next time and then I would not be able to get the hInstance.


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If it's an dll there should be a DllMain which get's the instance handle for the dll passed as argument...
if it is an ATL DLL then you can use
middlelAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot...

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