Access to win98 from samba server

Right I'm back and not seeing something here.   I have my Samba server up and running and have set up shares to view from Win98 via smb.conf.   This is fine and I can drop files into the shares and pick them up in Linux.    What I can not see is how to view the files on win98 drive from my Samba server on Linux.   Do I need to set up shares for the files on the Windoze PC and if so what should the path= be?   I know how to mount shares using smbclient.     I need to be guided here(thick or what?)
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psimationConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to mount the Windows PC. First create a mount point for the windows pc. ( create a directory) Use smbmount/smbumount to mouhnt the pc.
If the windows pc is called pc1 and the share is c, and the directory you created as mount point is /home/samba then you mount as follow
smbmount //pc1/c /home/samba
You will be prompted for a password , just type enter if your windows share is public.
To unmount
smbumount /home/samba
PS, make sure that your workgroup name in smb.conf is the same as you windows workgroup name.
cliffhanger121599Author Commented:
Many thanks I think I've got it now.
cliffhanger121599Author Commented:
Let's be clear, the mount point must be on the Windows C drive.   If this is the case could one use an existing directory on the Windows C drive.   I'm asking because I still can not mount the windows drive, despite the fact that I have access to my linux drive from Windows.   Sorry about the delay - been away.
No, the mount point will be on the Linux box. You must create a directory on the Linux box, let say /home/windows.
Now you will mount your windows pc using the command smbmount //windowspcname/sharename /home/windows

where windowspcname is the name of your windows pc ( as in the identification tab in network neighbourhood)
sharename is the name of the drive on the windows pc you want to access ( usually c)
and the /home/windows is the directory you crreated on the linux box ( mount point)

after you mounted the windows pc, all the files of the windows share will be under the directory /home/windows on the Linux box ( as if it were part of the Linux file system)
There is no "network neighborhood" under Linux.
wow, 4 minutes, something is definately wrong, I think you should post another question in that regard, at the moment, I am the only person looking at this question ( other people won't be too interested to help, since this question is already marked as answered)
Unfortunately, i don't know what could be wrong. It could be hardware or software. In your new question, you should post a description of your hardware as well, ie. cable type, (hub?), network cards etc. as well as your current network settings under netconf.
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