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which compiler is the best

which compiler is the best?
i am running win 98

and i dont really want to buy a commercial one.

but i like being able to press ctrl F9,
so preferably one with a design environment
i already have borland turbo c 2.01
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C++ Builder has a good design environment, but that is a commercial program.  You can probably get it for less than $100 for academic purposes.
You can download a freeware C++ compiler, BloodShed C++ at download.com.
Just enter C compiler at download.com search box and then download BloodShed C++.

You can download a freeware C++ compiler, BloodShed C++ at download.com.
Just enter C compiler at download.com search box and then download BloodShed C++.


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FYI, Bloodshed is an IDE on top of GCC, which is considered to be quite good in terms of compliance to the standards. Furthermore it is available on many platforms. Just thought you ought to know.
As far as I've seen GCC front ends, I like Quincy best. It does have some support for debugging from the Gui. See http://www.midifitz.com/alstevens/quincy99/

You can download "Borland's" C++ Compiler v5.5 for free
from this site:



PS: you can reject hongjun's answer if you want.
I think it's not a way of  good manner to "grab" an answer to such a question.
Why not? It is not 'grabbing'; the question was for a free compiler with IDE, not just a commandline compiler. The Bloodshed IDE is easy to get and download and comes with an up to date (albeit trimmed down) release of Mingw32 (GCC for Win32). So it fits the bill, even though there are alternatives.
Ok. But the question is about the "best"  compiler.
I think this depends on your personal "taste".
I give a suggestion and it's up to fever which one fits best for him.
Definitely. Indeed and the more options we can give, the better he'll be able to choose ( eh... well, not too many I suppose ;)
What processor are you compiling for?
Intels compiler is best for x86
Compaq's compiler is best for Alpha
Generic compilers are OK (Borland, MickySoft, GCC)

KangaRoo == Dutch?
Ja, jij ook? Dan moet je je beslist even melden op Q.10111117
FeVeRAuthor Commented:
lots of comments  :)

ummm whats the difference between a c++ compiler and just c?
because i am doing a course in C

is that important

my system (at the moment) is win98 (sorry!!!) but i will soon get linux

i have a celeron 466
All C++ compilers I know will also compile ANSI-C and (some) K&R-C.
FeVeRAuthor Commented:
what are the differences between c and c++?
The main differences are that C++ supports
1) Object Oriented Programming: data-hidding, inheritance (including multiple and virtual inheritance) and polymorphic behaviour
2) Generic programming with templates

C++ was based on C and it was important that C code would also compile and work when compiled on a C++ compiler. Syntax and many constructs are the same. Although C++ has evolved further away from C, it will generally require little refactoring to move C code to C++.
KangaRoo has answered the differences between C and C++. Just use a C++ compiler and your C program will run perfectly.

Look here:
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