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Posted on 2000-03-13
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
Due to the vagaries of my computer telephone answering software, I must route output from the application through a small external speaker I plugged into the modem output jack.

I have an AOpen FM56-P 56K Speakerphone PCI Modem. My question is whether there's some way to adjust the output level from the modem. No points to anyone who suggests using the M0 or L0 strings in the Modem Connection Advanced Extra Setting location on the Control Panel.  I've already used that to silence the dial tone and modem connection handshake.  Any insights to affect the output volume?
Question by:CDobyns
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I loaded:

and downloaded the device-driver,
and ran the downloaded '.EXE' file.
It created several files, including 'AOP1036.INF'.

This file contains the section:

HKR,, SpeakerPhoneSpecs,         1, A0,00,00,00,  00,00,00,00,  96,00,00,00,  00,00,00,00
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneEnable,        1,, "at+a8e=6,5,21,0;+vsp=1<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneEnable,        2,, "at+vgs=130;+vgm=120<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneDisable,       1,, "at+vsp=0<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneDisable,       2,, "at<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneMute,          1,, "at+vsp=1<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneMute,          2,, "at+vls=16<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneUnMute,        1,, "at+vsp=1<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneUnMute,        2,, "at+vls=17<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneSetVolumeGain, 1,, "at+vsp=1<cr>"
HKR,  SpeakerPhoneSetVolumeGain, 2,, "at+vgs=<Vol>;+vgm=<Gain><cr>"

which seems to set the "volume" and "gain".
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I think that by you using the M0 or L0 "I've already used that to silence the dial tone and modem connection handshake" then you are overriding any other control of the volume. You will have to set it to where you will hear the squaking too, to be able to use any volume control for the other sounds
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RAYT333, this is a "speakerphone" modem.
As such, it has separate "controls" for the "internal" speaker and the "external" speaker.

Hence, the 'AT+V....' modem-commands, which control the V(oice) functions.
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Sorry, I stand corrected. I never use the output jack on the modem

Author Comment

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The last time I edited a modem command string was when Hayes modems were the killers in their category. Hate to be obtuse, but what syntax should I use on the modem output and should that string just be entered on the Advanced Settings line on the Modem Connection dialog box? Speaking of Hayes modems, don't I remember that those modems used to actually have a volume adjustment type rheostat that would allow a manual volume setting. Is it worth checking that, or have we moved beyond the analog so far that this is just pointless?

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 2662541
> what syntax should I use ...

HKR, SpeakerPhoneUnMute, 1,,"at+vsp=1<cr>"

can be interpreted to send 'at', then '+vsp=1', then "carriage-return".

> should that string just be entered on the Advanced Settings line on the Modem Connection dialog box?

Omit the 'at' and the "carriage-return", and enter the rest into that box.

Author Comment

ID: 2714539
Good follow-up instructions which made the modem speaker respond just fine. Thanks!

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