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I am trying to use a RichEdit Control on my dialog because I need to change the edit controls background colour...

I'd like the control to be read only, right aligned text and in Upper case only. I have tried to set these properties when in the reseource editor. I found that the read only checkbox worked but it disables the ability to change the alignment and the Uppercase checkbox doesn't do anything...

Is there another way of setting these properties.. I have looked through all the methods on the control and can't find any. Also is it possible to change the font size of the text being displayed..

thanks in advance..
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captainkirkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also you can set the font:

CFont f;
f.CreateFont(<set your params for the font in here>);
m_RichEdit.SetFont(); // m_RichhEdit is your control...

be sure to call AfxInitRichEdit() in your app's InitInstance()...
Did you check the "multiline" property?
middlelAuthor Commented:
I have made sure that the control is intialised, you can always tell if AfxInitRichEdit() hasn't been called because the dialog does not display. :-)
I don't want the edit control to have multiple lines, but when I tried it made no difference.

However, when I unchecked the automatic horizontal scroll, and the multiple lines state was also checked, the edit control aligned properly ... weird..

I still haven't figured out how to get the edit to display UPPERCASE no matter what is entered??

I'll try the font stuff..


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Overwrite OnChar() and convert every character to upper case there
I missed a point here - if the rich edit is read only, just setting the uppercase property is not going to work, because, that only converts typed-in text to uppercase. If you use SetWindowText(), you'll do the conversion yourself, maybe like a variant of this:

CString csText = _T("here's some lowercase text...");

middlelAuthor Commented:
I get passed the text from somewhere else and I thought it would be nice if when I Set the text it would automatically just convert it... ;-)

I'll just add a check to make sure that it is uppercase..


middlelAuthor Commented:
It all works great now!

thanks a lot..

glad you're doing OK...
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