Exporting a Personal Address Book to Palm Pilot.

I have a personal address book in Outlook 98 (8.5.5603.0).

I want to download this to my Palm Pilot using Intellisync  (4.10.1998)

I cannot figure out how to do this - I have seen no way to export the personal address book.

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Henry_KumagaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Want to elaborate on Pyleo's comment.  Personally, I think the Personal Address Book (PAB) is garbage and should never be used.  You should always use an Outlook Address Book to store email addresses.  It pulls the email addresses (and fax numbers) from your default contacts folder, as well as other folders in your mailbox containing contact items.  This will allows more robust import/export functions as well as synching with Palm via Intellisync (a great product, better than Pocket Mirror).

So, take Pyleo's advice and import the addresses from the PAB to contacts.  Go to File > Import/Export and choose to import from another file.  Choose to import from a PAB, point the wizard to the PAB file and choose the import target folder.
     I ran across this once before and found the answer at MS (Q192601) at the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/support/searchkb.asp. It was very frustrating as you will see. (This refers to .wab but someone else informed me that .pab were treated the same)
     I don't know about Intellisync or Palm Pilot, but normally the .pab files can be manually copied from Outlook to Outlook on different machines. Just do a find on *.pab and copy the files found to the associated Outlook folder on the Palm (these are the 'Personal Address Book' files and the default is Outlook.pab).
     I hope this is a decent answer for you, but I'm putting it in a comment because I can't be sure if it is the best.
hope this helps,
How about importing the PAB into contacts and then synching the Palm?

I take it Intellisync is similar to Pocket Mirror - which enables you synch all the bits of Outlook that HotSync does not do, namely everything apart from email
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aintnorockAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll try it.  Please give some points to pyleo.
How do I give points to someone?  Better yet, is there a FAQ or something on what points mean (available vs. expert vs. quality, etc.)?  I don't quite get it.
I don't know either so don't worry about it my instructions weren't clear enough anyway
aintnorockAuthor Commented:
I'm not an expert, so I don't know how to do it, but I've seen people transfer some of their expert points before.  I think it's only fair, since the other guy answered part of the question, don't you think?  Maybe you could post it as a question?????

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