XMS Test Failure and Bad Fault in MSDos Extender

This is a 166MHz, 32MB, 2.1GB HD Proteva
Was operating w/Win95 using DriveSpace and FailSafe.  Came in with first boot screen (BIOS) static and no access to W95.  Have performed fdisk and reformatted/reinstalled (clean) W95 with no changes to system behavior.  Certainly after reformatting the HD there can no longer be a compressed drive?  How can I re-establish usage of this machine with W95?  (I have also changed the CMOS battery-and flashed the BIOS with the appropriate upgrade.)  I am at a total brick wall here.
TIA, Connie
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sgentherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have some bad RAM. I would start with that first.
Connie run fdisk again and select option #2 and make sure drive C was set active...
also try boot from floppy and at A: run scandisk and let it do an extended surface scan,drive may have developed a bad sector at the begining...
ChancesRAuthor Commented:
Since I had changed the RAM...I overlooked the possibility that one (or both) could be bad.  Changing the RAM allowed for a complete load of W95.  Thank You!
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