Data Export from SQL6.5 to 7.0

Hi all,

I've recently had to move data from a SQL6.5 to SQL7.0 database. I did this with the Import/Export wizard and connect through SQL Server OLEDB Driver to SQL7.0 and the SQL Server ODBC Driver to SQL 6.5. All seems to work well, except that the consraints on the individual tables (for example the identity field) was not preserved. Is there a way to ensure that the identity and other constaints, as well as the indices are successfully recreated during the import? AM I missing something in the import wizard ?
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StangLadyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you try scripting your tables and just doing an import on the data making sure to set the  ENABLE IDENTITY INSERT option?
stefanxAuthor Commented:
What kind of comment is that ?
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Import/Export wizard will import Data only and create tables with basic structure only without creating constrains or indeces or keys.
Make a full script of your Database including constrains , inceces,foriegn keys and users.
Run it on the new server then import the data.
stefanxAuthor Commented:
OK thanks to everyone so far. I'll try this in the morning
The Import/Export wizard has the option of moving database objects too. Have you tried that?
stefanxAuthor Commented:
OK Stanglady and kubeerja - both of you are right. It just turns out that if you are importing using ODBC Driver from SQL 6.5 and OLEDB Driver to SQL7.0 and you are running enterprise manager from Windows 98, that the import/export wizard GPF's (I've done this from many machines now, and it always crashes). When doing it from NT, it is fine.

I think the points are going to Stanglady, purely because he/she answered first.

Thanks everyone else.
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