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Why did the Frames Die ??

My question is:

Why not use frames ??
What is the problem when using frames ?

My point is. If you go out there ont the www. you will find that only about 1% of the webpages you will see uses frames !!

I feel that a web becomes well stuctured when using frames, then why is no people using them ?

Fore some year since it was modern to use frames, but that is not "cool" now !
1 Solution
Because of new and more exciting ways to design web pages
such dynamic html which is a copletely different way to design a
page which can have alot of animations etc.. and still load fast
also such formats as xml and active/x all formats which can be
 made to look like frames but serve differnt purposes
check out some of the following links

hope this helps
There were no standarized technique for frames before HTML 4.0. Therefore it seemed to be a trend of leaving frames.

I think that trend may change a little bit now when frames is a standarized technique.

I think this could be one of the main reasons why you don't find many pages with frames right now.

Regards Batalf
in the sites that we make at our company, The Kitchen Interactive, we actually make a lot of frame-build sites. For example our own.

Own of the advantages we find in the use of frames, is that you can make a page look the same in several screen resolution. We usually build sites for 800*600, and therefor we have a middle frame that contains a frameset that displays the contents, and 4 outside filler frames. I don't think frames are dying, in fact, i think they are coming back.

Max Davidse
The Kitchen Interactive
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On the other side it totally depends on what site it is that you are making, for example if it is a newspage, if so...then most of the time it is made up with tables, instead of frames. Maybe there is a top-frame (like the site I am working on), but not many news-sites are like that

CJ de Vos
Same company as DreamMaster
Same URL as DreamMaster
true CJ....but..(You did expect a but didn't You?) it really doesn't matter for any site whether or not they use frames, it's just the simple matter of taste (well...actually that's NOT a simple matter (o:  )

The simple fact is that a lot of website designers don't know how to make good use of frames, and either use way to many frames, or just get lost links because of the use of frames..

also a lot of designers are lazy and don't want to write a lot of code to make sure sites from other URL's don't appear in one of Your framewindows because he/she forgot to define a target, also back-button problems can occure.

Well there You have it win32, a lot of people just don't want to get through the trouble of creating good working frameset pages, and sometimes i agree and it's better to use tables, but mostly....i love frames!

Max Davidse
still @ the kitchen
*glares over at CJ across his desk*
win32Author Commented:
I think you all make a grate point !
Please look at my site:


I use frames. Or try to, the problem is when i get down in low resolutions, or uses a small window. How do I solve that problem ?
what is Your exact problem? I had a look at Your site, and think that You could have used frames differently. For example.

One thing i'd do for sure is put in the body of Your pages:

<Body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" ....>
That will probably get rid of some scrollbars when You look at larger resolutions like 1024x768.

It's just a problem of wanting to put too much at the initial screen I think. The way You do it now, You're bound to have screens jammed with info. Just let me know what You want to accomplish and i'll try and help You to the best of my abilities.

Max Davidse
win32Author Commented:
Hey DreamMaster
I've done the leftmargin="0" topmargin="0 ... like you explain. That helps a lot !
Then I've made a low res. alternative, the page will automaticly go in "LOW RES" mode if you run res. that's lower then 1024*867

I think that will work fine, thanks to all ! :-)
nice to know i was able to help!

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